FLI20Y WSID 06/01/10

Went out to test the misfire issue in the burnouts and decided to have a few runs. First run 13.4 @ 115mph, Second run 12.0 @ 115mph. Both times done on bald Sime 195x50x15 street tyres. The second run was done using Nitrous to 10psi off the line. Misfire is still there though as you can hear.

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FLI20Y Burnout at Supernats 2009
300hp ca18det powered Datsun 120y burnout at Supernats 2009

4x2 mud offroad no problem
my offroad friend's wife driving Mitsubishi Pajero in back wheel mode only , no diff locks, simex tires, through some mud

HYPA57 at WSID - Single Turbo LS1 Ute
This car was one of the fasest Gen-III powered cars in the world with a massive single turbo powerplant making somewhere close to 1800hp.

wsid 2010 ron355 HSV
just toying about with the new rear end