Stalled/Exhaust 06 GTO vs Built 455 Buick GS

My Stalled/Exhaust 06 GTO vs Built 455 Buick GS. Sunset drag strip Flashlight Drags 7-2-11

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1971 Buick GS 455 with Gardner Exhaust
71 GS 455 with N 25 Exhaust. Gardner Exhaust in stock diameter with the turbo muffler option by Gardner.

American Muscle Car-S1E07-Buick Gran Sport
From the series American Muscle Car Buick Gran Sport

Buick 455 with Magnaflow mufflers
A quick vid with my new magnaflow Exhaust system. It's my 72 Skylark with a fairly mild built pump gas 455, edelbrock aluminum heads, TA performance long tube headers, 288-92h cam. Made 540/580 on the Dyno.

Buick 455 that sat for 5 years and started right up and didnt smoke
This engine was rebuilt and has about 9000 miles on it. The tranny blew and then the car just sat in a barn for over 5 years. Surprisingly the engine started right up with a new tranny and battery. I do not know whats in the engine cam wise and such. I love this car.