Terry Savory MG B GT roll at Thruxton

Terry tries to go a little too quick through the S's at Thruxton

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MGB GT Crash castle combe
The greasy surface catches out this Mg driver over Avon Rise

Rob Spencer's crash
A very lucky MGBGTV8 owner crashes at a Snetterton MGB race day.

Cockshoot cup 2006 MG racing
The highs and lows of club racing from fierce battling for position to engine blow up, back to racing. My MGB race season of 2006, in the MGCC Cockshoot club championship. Circuits on the video are Silverstone, Oulton park, Mallory park and Croft.

Chasing an MGB GT V8 in My Porsche 911
Here's a couple laps of me chasing a rare MGB GT V8 at the Jefferson 500, 2010. I didn't even know they made a V8 of that car. I'm running a 1971 Porsche 911. I can catch him in the corners, but he walks away on the straights. I never did catch him and finished behind him. Best lap time of the races was 1:31 and change. At least the car is working pretty well at this point.