First time drag racing my 1997 Yamaha V-Max

Recorded at Shannonville Raceway east of Belleville, Ontario on July 27, 2012. Absolutely love drag racing, but need to do some work to my bike and will be postponing going back to the track until the 2013 season; I can't wait.

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Warren Racing's V Max
1990 Yamaha V Max. All stock internals with some bolt ons and damn fast. I call my V Max "The Bracket Killer" because the bike is deadly consistant on times during bracket races. As long as I cut a good light, the odds are in my favor that I will win. The bike runs within .02 of a sec every pass, and thats hand and foot shifting. No air shifters here.. John

vmax drag race
Some video learning how to ride a slick its a bit diff. from a regular tire. But extremely fun!! And some goog races and some lucky one tooo!!

Customized Creationz VMax Dragstrip 11.50's Bone Stock with Supertrapp Slip ons 6-21-12
This is my second time at the drag strip with this stock 1999 Vmax. The only performance mod is the supertrapp slip ons. Everything else is stock. Crappy Dunlop tires which spin quite a bit off the line. Shinko tires are coming next. I am hoping for 11.20's soon with the bike in stock form.

vmax drag racing wheelie
Agent Orange running the eighth mile on the back wheel.