MR2 e85 billet 6262 FIC 2150cc injector idle #2

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V6 Swapped Toyota MR2 - (Little Tujunga) One Take
We have never spent any seat time at all behind the wheel of a second-generation Toyota MR2, but always liked the idea of a reliable, mid-engined car. Russ's V6 swapped version takes it a step further! Check out Russ's MR2 on WheelWell! 41b7526ab0ae4be53/specs/

mr2 turbo gen3 vs all jdm
daten sicherung 245ps vs 255 ps vs 260 ps vs 280 ps 3.0 l 24v ^^

Wheeler Dealers S02E09 Toyota MR2 Mk1 Part 1

Toyota MR2 JDM Edition | @ Scandinavian Motor Show 2012
Short video from Scandinavian Custom Motor Show 2012 Starring: Toyota MR2 - JDM Edition by Steff's Custom