MR2 e85 billet 6262 FIC 2150cc injector idle #2

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PTE Billet 6766 MR2 Dyno 18-25psi Conservative Tune 675whp 498wtq
Did a couple quick (I'm in the drivers seat) just to see what it would make on a conservative tune and mild Boost. 20* peak timing, 10.6-11.2afr so leaning it out alone will net 700+whp at the same Boost. Higher Boost and more aggressive tuning to come. MBC can't flow enough to maintain 18psi hence the creep to 25psi then falling to 24 by redline.

Cold start of my AEM EMS equipped, E85 fueled, 500 rwhp MR2
This film was taken to demonstrate how well this car starts up when cold. The engine is using 850 cc RX7 injectors, controlled by an AEM engine management system that I programmed. The fuel is a summer blend of an alternative fuel called E85. I grab the wastegate (part of the Exhaust system) at the beginning of the video to show that the engine is cold.

Playing on the street
I was the camera car and my two friends were gonna run. 680whp Supra and a 450whp MR2. I raced the Supra already on the highway and jumped out ahead and just kept walking away through 4th. No vid of that as I didn't have a passenger at the time.

Mr2 5sgte dyno - 726whp 524wtq
My mr2 on the Dyno: 5sgte motor, 6262 turbo - 32psi, E85 Fuel, Tuned by Joey @ Excessive Autosports, FIC 2150cc Injectors, Full Race Exhaust Manifold