MR2 e85 billet 6262 FIC 2150cc injector idle #2

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Celebrating two of toyota's best motors. With capability to rev, and heads designed by yamaha, these engines are capable of running anywhere from 200 hp to well into the 900 hp region.

591 wheel E85 MR2
turbocharged MR2 on E-85 at the track, went 10.99 on the next pass but we didn't get it on video.

Trying to figure out the HD uploading with my iPhone 4. Got it to work on one vid but none of the others....hmm

10 Second MR2 800hp Drag Car
my friend Mike had his Sons 1 year birthday a few days ago. and we had all of our MR2s there. he was just revving up his super fast car for the family and friends that were there! its pretty loud! not sure my phone caught the sounds good. but enjoy.