Big GM wagons of the 90's

buick roadmaster, olds custom cruiser, chevrolet caprice

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Impala ss and caprice wagons

Wagonfest 09
Heres a short video from Wagonfest 2009. Mostly just the wagons lining up for the photo shoot and Fred putting new belt line trim on a roady.

Chevrolet Custom "Impala" Wagon
here is another-- This Chevy Wagon is a GM "b" body series made between 1992 and 1996. Buick and Chevy made 1994-1996 models with the 350 c.i. LT1 motor out of the Corvette. 260hp out of the box....people do fabulous things with them. This particular one was pristine!

Buick Roadmaster wagon LT1 burnout 1
Buick Roadmaster wagon LT1 burnout 1