Stage 1 S4 vs. Modded 335i vs. Stage 3 S4

Stage 3 S4 (fast lane) Modded 335i (middle lane) Stage 1 S4 (slow lane) Race was done from a roll, sorry for the quality I just got the camera and are still figuring out the settings.

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ProCede 335I BMW Vs. Stage2+ S4
run is from 0-100, he catches me at 100 MPH

BMW 335 vs. Audi S4
335 is completely stock. S4 has aftermarket Exhaust, air filter, and 19" rims. 1st race 335 mis-shift, and 2nd race.. last two races there were no driver errors.

335i vs S4
JB3 335i with stock Exhaust/intake/Intercooler etc. Car only has JB3/race fuel/and close to 135i weight.

BMW 335i (E92) Fully Tuned (450-460HP) VS Audi S4 B8 Revo Stage 2 (430HP)