Dodge Dart 440 GTS 1969

My old Dart. 1st run after rebuild in 2004...

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Driving 440 Dodge Dart
440 '67 Dodge Dart GT

69 Dodge Dart 440 exhaust
Quick video backing my Dart out of the garage. Sorry for bad quality, I used my digital camera. Car has a mild 440. Exhaust is a TTI with 40 series and X-pipe.

1971 Dodge Dart Swinger 440 Serious Burnout-Drift
71 Dodge Dart 440RB stock heads bolt ons only. Big engine, Mopar Muscle, ahh the beaty. Bow your heads!

1969 Dodge Dart GT drag racing mopar qualifying
In car view of the dart going down the track at Thunder Valley Marion SD. 12.91 103 mph