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Hayatta Herşey Mümkündür :)

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CBR 1000 vs 125cc SCOOTER ! Racing on a track
This 125cc yamaha mio scooter in thailand is awesome! shame on the 1000cc bigger bikes honda cbr, kawasaki ninja, yamaha r1, suzuki gsxr :D

jetkart vs ferrari
drag race jetkart vs ferrari

huge, massive, EPIC engine fail ! unbelievable damage
The by far most epic engine fail I've ever seen. The whole engine is almost completely destroyed and there won't be any chance to repair that piece of trash that it is after that. The destruction starts @ 0:46 Have fun !

Yamaha TMax Super Scooter Hyper Modified Custom.mp4
French custom bike builder Ludovic Lazareth draws on his design graduate background and love of muscle machines to create unique vehicles that not only look fabulous — they deliver outstanding performance. If it has Lazareth's name on it then watch out -- the bite is as strong as the bark! Having created one of the very first Hyper Modified Yamaha VMAXs during the early days of his customisation career using a wrecked 1991 bike, Ludovic always likes to push the boat out when working on a new Yamaha model. As you can imagine, he relished the challenge of Hyper Modifying the new TMAX... "When I first saw the new TMAX I thought it looked really sporty, like a MotoGP bike or the YZF-R1", explains Lazareth, "but I wanted to take this impression one stage further and push the boundaries even more". "A lot of my designs are influenced by the high-quality technology and engineering techniques that are used in the aeronautics industry. When Hyper Modifying the TMAX I tried to exaggerate the bike's existing aerodynamic lines using materials and components that you would find within cutting edge aeroplanes — which is where the idea of using a Supercharger came from!" "As soon as I started working on the Hyper Modified TMAX I had one goal — to go faster than 200 kph. To achieve this I fitted the Supercharger, which has increased the TMAX's power by around 30% to nearly 60 hp. It is now very rapid and sounds incredible."