Vintage racing spills and thrills

Classic footage from auto racing's past.

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Mitch Guttormson midget flip CNS 1984
Mitch is now a racing historian hence the name "the wizard" and participates at Back in the day Mitch raced midgets and took a really hard tumble in a big show (Mile Hi Classic) at Colorado National Speedway back in 1984.

Sprint Car Thrills and Spills 2005-2010
A little bit of everything mostly Kokomo with some Gas City stuff mixed in. Lot of stuff I've never put on Youtube and just some stuff that needed re-uploaded for quality purposes. I hope you all enjoy.

Classic Figure 8 Spills, Thrills, Crashes & Wrecks
Vintage/Classic color video of Figure 8 racing

Old Car Races and Crashes
These guys were real madmen! Historic footage from the glory days of car racing. Music by Definition Of MadMen