SuBaRu Commercial

Customers visiting Dean Team Subaru were put in a Subaru STI, and asked to SuuuBaaaRuuu for a commercial.

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SuBaRu Showroom Test Drive
We filmed some customers for the Grand Opening of our new Subaru building for a commercial.

Subaru Car Commercial
The boyfriend of a distraught girl steals his car.

Subaru Tribeca Commercial
Commercial produced in 2004 for Subaru Video Contest to promote 7-seater Tribeca. Written, Directed, & Edited By: Amin Jalali Produced by: Jalali Group Starring: Todd Edge, Lisa Rayner, Jhaleh Jiveh, Marlit Child, Maria Luisa Godsey, Teresa Jalali, Navid Rafiee

funny 2008 Subaru wrx STi commercial
Written and Directed by Lanlin Wong. Created for the new 2008 Subaru STi, this video is a rebuttal to the car community's complaints that the new STi had become "domesticated" from its rally/racer background. Our inspiration was that the new model does in fact have the same power, poise, and exclusivity as the outgoing model. It anything, this is one "beast" of a car.