My Rx7 in the garage RE:Worx large street ported engine New turbos Motec M2R ECU HKS EVC V (0.9 bar) Bosch 044 fuel pump and in-tank swirl pot 4x 850cc injectors Tein superstreets Seibon bonnet Water injection Nitrous Intercooler spray Alloy radiator Organic clutch with lightweight fly HKS downpipe, Blitz NUR Spec R cat back HKS SPF induction and hard pipes Blitz BOV Grey/black leather trimmed seats 18" Ultralites 265/35 on rear

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真俯瞰、早送りRX-7 13B-REWエンジン組み付け!!
真上から撮影した映像が面白いので、4時間分のテープ 4分にしてみました。 ぜひ、チャンネル登録をお願いいたします。 ■大人のクルマいじり.net(3/12現在準備中) http://xn--n8jxb8cyfvhwk6cz561akvt.net http://大人のクルマいじり.net/ ■通常版DVDはこちらから検索・・・ http://sellinglist.auctions.yahoo.co.... ■ヤフオク自動車部.xyz http://xn--kckk6inc486whb9ci3s51d.xyz http://ヤフオク自動車部.xyz/ ■ただいま「成長中」の通販サイトでは、チューニング マニュアルのPDFダウンロード版や、なぜかスマホケース がラインナップ中です。 http://www.club-carboy.com/ ※おヒマでしたら・・・(^^ゞ http://xn--68j6d911v.club http://男めし.club/

FD RX7 Twin Turbo
93 FD engine built by Lucky 7 Racing & Tuned by Neptune speed

1200HP+ 20B RX7 FD Twin Turbo GT35R Methanol Free Rev
Rotary Motorsports (Ben Hunt) 20B 1200HP+ 20B RX7 using twin GT35R and 90% Methanol mix being free reved. My apologies for the whooshing sound but this car was just too loud for any phone camera to deal with, the car literally shakes your entire body every time it's reved up. This thing is a machine, the explosion at the end almost blew me away as you can see by the movement of the camera, ran low 8's previously with single turbo.

7 Sins RX7
Australias No1 Rx7. Ignition Video lastest and favourite car. Go out and buy the December 2007 HPI magazine to see the DVD. great car Andy..