Dupli-color chrome spray paint

I got this idea from bowtiebadboy when he had mentioned this paint in one of his videos. Over the years I was very disappointed with a number of companies who claimed to have chrome spray paint. This Dupli-color is the best I've seen and I just wanted to share. Alclad and Spaz Stix and others are likely better and nothing beats real plating (vacuumizing of aluminum by chrometech), but for a cheap solution that's pretty darn cheap, this is the way to go. I'll be persueing this further with sealers and I'll share more info as I experiement.

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DIY Chrome Kit
1 Set RM680 PM Mr. Tang +6012-319 0788 if you are interested.

Painting a bumper with Dupli-Color Chrome paint
Just a small painting project I thought I would try. It turned out much better than I expected. I am not sure yet how well it will stand up to the weather. Please comment with any suggestions/questions.

Tutorial : Chroming with Alclad
Chroming Tutorial (for alclad) visit their website, or find it on ebay. http://www.alclad2.com/lacquer_colors.html

How to Spray Paint Chrome Black
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