Dupli-color chrome spray paint

I got this idea from bowtiebadboy when he had mentioned this paint in one of his videos. Over the years I was very disappointed with a number of companies who claimed to have chrome spray paint. This Dupli-color is the best I've seen and I just wanted to share. Alclad and Spaz Stix and others are likely better and nothing beats real plating (vacuumizing of aluminum by chrometech), but for a cheap solution that's pretty darn cheap, this is the way to go. I'll be persueing this further with sealers and I'll share more info as I experiement.

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Spray on chrome kit We offer Next Day Delivery On Our Kits To The Uk
This new spray on chrome kit is great the DIY mirror finishes. New portable spray on chrome system, can be applied onto anything that can be painted as it uses no compressed air this results in a great finish time and time again, as you may know this type of spray on chrome is not a friend of compressed air hence all the problem that people get with the finish. Our new portable hydrochrome silvering kit is an entry level system designed for those wishing to try out the spray on chrome without having to fork out mega bucks for the expensive equipment. This system is practical, affordable, easy to use and achieves the same effect as the larger systems from Spectra-Chrome, Fanta-Chrome and Alsa's Chrome FX mirroring systems. Chrome at home. Spray on chrome kit WEB SHOP: http://www.customcreationpaints.co.uk/hydro-chrome-p-42.html FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/CustomCreationPaints

Tutorial : Chroming with Alclad
Chroming Tutorial (for alclad) visit their website, or find it on ebay. http://www.alclad2.com/lacquer_colors.html

Spray on Chrome with the Gemini Chrome System
http://www.hardlifestyle.com HARD LifeStyle takes a Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet and turns it into a highly reflective 100% chrome finish right before your eyes.

chrome spray paint
Dust the glossy black undercoat (2K finish or clearcoat) with a dry and soft piece of cloth A first coat is applied briefly and in a fairly quick speed By cold weather, the evaporation can be accelerated with a source of hot air during a few seconds Then the next coat, always very thin and quick Within a few seconds only, the chrome paint has evaporated and is dry 5 to 6 passes are necessary to realize chrome Another very thin coat, and little by little appears the chrome effect after evaporation You can now apply a thicker coat and always with an interval for evaporation During the next 48hrs after the application the chrome will become perfect by completely drying. You will then achieve a true mirror chrome A few seconds after, the chrome has already got hard