2001 acura integra gsr highway pull

a quick pull in an '01 gsr gsr mods: - aem sri -vb 4 - 2 - 1 ss header -ws II catback -blox flat valves -s2 gen 1 im had one passenger with me at the time of the video...hard to see the tach since i just kinda stuck the camera in my steering wheel.. car has bad second gear syncros, thats why i over revved it....i was trying to make sure it was in gear...motor mounts are bad

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Made a short video to show my 1994 Integra GSR in immaculate condition. This car is literally amazing and even unbelievable; Super Clean.. I looked for two years for a clean one; swooped on it when I found it :-)) 2nd owner, All original paint, motor, transmission, clutch and parts; every nut and bolt! ZERO modifications and never been raced. They are still out there if you look hard enough! (Footnote: The yellow showing in some spots is from the sun reflection off the paint hitting the iPhone camera lens. Good old iPhone 4!) Thanks for watching. Please subscribe and share! Also, check out our eBay store here: http://stores.ebay.com/8-Point-Distribution

'01 integra gsr pull 0 - 120
from a dig sorry for the vid stopping right there, but that was the end of the pull anyway mods: - '98 us spec itr trans - aem short ram intake - head ported n polished - golden eagle valve guides - blox flat valves - buddy club high compression head gasket - arp head studs - VP 4 - 2 - 1 header - high flo cat - apexi ws2 catback - exedy stage 1 clutch and pressure plate - itr flywheel - s2 gen 1 intake manifold - obx adjustable cam gears - p73 us spec itr ecu - untuned vafc