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240" Blown Alky Rear Engine Dragster (Ignition on)

"Turn Key / Race Ready" - $27,500.00 (usd) -240" Moly Hardtail Dragster -Certified 6.0 NHRA -19-1/2" top Rail, fits 6'.2" 200lb Driver -1765lb without driver -Biondo 400 Delay Box -Air Shifter -Dedenbear / Reed Case shorty Glide with 1.80 straight cut gears, trans brake, Vasco input, deep pan & all the extras -10" Continental Blower 4500rpm stall Converter -Chev BB 482ci, Bowtie tall deck, 3.766 4130 steel crank, GRP, JE, Comp Cams, Edelbrock Victor 375cc Heads, Indy Competition intake, Littlefield Retro 14-71 Hi Helix, Knut Carbon Dragster Hat, Enderle fuel system, MSD Pro Mag 20 amp & points box -Strange 9" ultra Pro 4.56, MW 40 spline floater, Weld racing fronts & Bead Locks, Goodyear fronts & 34.5 x 17 Goodyear rear tires, single chute, front & rear wings -Will run 6's at over 200mph in good air. -Can assist with shipping anywhere worldwide.


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SBChevy 434ci, 15° - Dyno Testing
Chev SB 434 with 15 Degree Dart heads Dyno session at Chomiski Race Engines in Amarillo, Texas We spent a total of 12 hours at the workshop and 30 runs on the Dyno to get what we came for, 800hp on the screen. We ran the engine up on an out-of-the-box Pro Systems SV-1 on VP C16 and made 749hp on the first pull. A jet change on the 2nd pull saw a 20hp increase to 769hp @ 7000rpm. We changed it over to a Rons 'Flying Toilet' to test the myth of Methanol vs Gasoline. We made a total of 24 runs on Methanol & could only pull 755hp @ 7000rpm. We decided to go back to the Pro Systems SV-1 on VP racing Fuel and get the job done and walk away with the power we had in mind. On the 1st run back it made 792hp @ 7000rpm, then on the 2nd it went 793hp @ 7000rpm. We decided to pull 2° of timing out of it on the 3rd pull & it went 800.8hp @ 6900rpm with 655ftlb @ 5600rpm. Today at school we learned that Alcohol is for drinking & Gasoline is for Racing..........Hollywood !

'63 'Vette Tuning 3-4-13
START YOUR ENGINES ! Looks like we're finally ready to test the '63 'Vette after two days of hard work. With much needed help from Sam McCreary, Keith Burris and Kelly Willis, we're all done on the chassis setup and got the wiring sorted out with the new MSD Grid System & RPM Digital Dash data logger. The engine sounds great & we are looking at some dates to do some testing in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates!

High Performance World's Little Green Terror - Testing, 4/28/12
Redline Raceway, Caddo Mills, TX - Texas Triple Threat (T3T) Third Round Hired gun, Joe Boner steers the green Chevy S10 for the day. Five test runs to try and get the truck to run a personal best--we achieved a 5.90s @ 115mph and a 1.24 60ft. Bracket was chosen for a 6.0s heads-up. We broke out on the first round with a 5.92s @ 103mph on the brakes. Bought back in and got Shanon Morgan in the second round. Joe, the hired gun, nailed the tree with a .504rt--heavy on the brakes at the bottom end, took the win-light. In the third round we paired up against Bud Morgan, who out-gunned us on the lights -- we broke out with a 5.98s @ 93mph, heavy on the brakes. We'll be back on the track this Friday; you can find us at TX Raceway (bracket, Kennedale), 7pm til late for some fun T3T racing! http://HPWTX.COM Facebook » http://hpwtx.com/fb eBay, Craigslist, etc. » http://hpwtx.com/speedshop

Filmed at San Antonio, TX http://muddrags.com/ Bobbys new blown Rail Dragster MAGNUM, is super sick blown big block chevy with around 2,000 hp, you can say this is diff one wicked ride. Add a set of paddle tires and you got yourself one Fast ride. music by Kevin Macleod

2012 NHRA Supernationals Top Fuel qualifying highlights and more
These are some highlights I shot throughout the day including Top Fuel Dragsters, some Funny Cars, Pro Stock, video from the pits and Spencer Massey's Top Fuel dragster record vs. Tony Schumacher. This was my first Supernationals and it was insane!

2013 March Meet Bakersfield Nitro Top Fuel Semi Final Young Schutz White Nitro Nostalgia Drag Racing
Buy Drag Strip Riot Posters! http://www.maziracing.com/2004poster/index.htm March 7-10, 2013 55th Smokers Bakersfield March Meet; Nostalgia Top Fuel Semi Final Round between Denver Schutz in the RE3 dragster and Rick White. Schutz advances to the final with a winning 5.69 over White's game 5.76. Jim Young got the competition bye, and made an early shut off pass to the final. 2013 55th Smokers Bakersfield March Meet. Nostalgia Drag Racing, A/Gas, Nitro Top Fuel Dragster, Funny Cars, Crash, Funny Car body explosion, Auto Club Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield, California. Brought to you by http://www.dragstripgirldesigns.com Drift HD Action POV Camera, blower explosion

SONNY'S RACING - Home of the World's First 1000ci Drag Race Engine
SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=SuperDaveVideos MY FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dave-Inman/248963781818341 MY EBAY: http://stores.ebay.com/F22-Parts AND http://www.ebay.com/sch/olde8ayuser/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25

HPW '63 'Vette Pro Mod Testing 4-6-13
1 - First run in the new car with a soft launch and to the 330ft marker, on the gas pedal for 3 seconds with a 1.155 @ 60', 3.166 @ 330' with a 5.275 @ 100.31 mph @ the 1/8 mile. Good to get the monkey off my back & get that run on the board. 2 - Second run with similar set up with an aborted run due to a fuel line coming loose. 1.121 @ 60', 3.086 @ 330', 5.103 @ 105.28 @ the 1/8 mile. Fixed that fuel leak ! 3 - Third run with a touch of timing and ready for a full 1/8 mile run. 1.103 @ 60', 3.062 @ 330', 4.706 @ 149.28mph @ the 1/8 mile. We're Ready, Bring it on Sam McCreary. 4 - Forth run with a little tune change & some more timing to wake the driver up. Out of the gate with a 1.074 @ 60', 3.097 @ 330', 4.918 @ 117.14 @ the 1/8 mile. I had to pedal it once due to my head been thrown back into the funny car cage tilted back & not been able to see where I was going. After looking at the data from the run, it should have been around a 4.50 second 1/8 mile run. 5 - Fifth run with a 4 link adjustment to the rear end. Out of the gate I had to pedal it twice due to my head been thrown back into the funny car cage tilted back & not been able to see where I was going again with a 1.130 @ 60', 3.374 @ 330', 5.036 @ 149.53 mph @ the 1/8 mile. I have to get some serious ISP Safety padding around the helmet in the funny car cage before we go out again. Thanks to my crew, Sam McCrary, Garry Flanagan, Tommy Williams, Keith Burris, Kelly Willis and stand in man Daryl Williams. A special thanks to all my friends & supporters on the day that hung around to watch Hollywood back behind the wheel, "He's Back"!

Blown Injected Alcohol 1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra
black 1969 ford fairlane cobra & dark rosewood pearl metallic 1968 ford torino fastback on methanol

Blown Alky 240" Dragster High Performance World Texas
High Performance World, Inc Blown Alky 24" Top Dragster, 482ci Chev BB, 14-71 Hi Helix, MSD Pro Mag 20 Amp.

In-Car Shot Dragracing Lenco Transmission Video
This is an in-car shot of Mike drag racing his 73 Duster using a Lenco transmission. His dial in time is 10.60 and his ET for this race was a 10.61. This video shows the fast accelleration of a Mopar motor.

rear engine dragster pass
a pass from garceau racing's dragster goes a 7.89 at 165 and some change...track was really out of shape that night and so the car was dancing around on the track

westjet landing flight deck
westjet approach into toronto on a 737-700. captains seat. Watch in high quality and or full screen ( appears worse quality than intended without switching to high quality)

Boeing Jet Powered Go Kart: FOR SALE!
First test run of the Boeing Jet kart with the new nozzle. Burning in the nozzle paint as well. So far the new nozzle exceeds my expectations with great flow and heat dissipation. The thrust pattern seems to be tightly concentrated and pushing power has increased. Afterburner might be in the works next. This jet kart is FOR SALE. For more information contact seth@transturbine.com. Many types and styles of gas turbine engines are for sale. Custom fabrication and engineering services. Turbine powered vehicle design and installation.

Customer shakedown for Slingshotdragsters.com
Run # 2 of new car

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1982 Volvo 240 Turbo: 13.640 @ 105.742
Doug Kauer, Engine: B23FT, Turbos: Holset HY35W Tires: Kuhmo's

1975 Volvo 240 RS: 14.111 @ 96.000
Eje H, Engine: 350, Tires: 26x10.5x15LT M/T ET street

1984 Volvo 240 242 GLT: 14.890 @ 88.230
Jarrod Pilone, Engine: 2.1L 4 banger, Turbos: T3 Garrett Tires: 195/60/15

1984 Volvo 240 242 Turbo: 14.954 @ 91.620
Will, Engine: 2.1L I-4 SOHC, Turbos: Garret TB-03 W/50 tr Tires: 185/70/14 TW 30

1981 Volvo 240 turbo wagon: 16.360 @ 83.830
Athal, Engine: B21FT, Turbos: T3 Tires: 205/60/15

1992 Volvo 240 : 18.239 @ 74.820
Zack, Engine: B23,

1987 Volvo 240 Dl Station Wagon: 18.380 @ 77.400
Adam Sassi, Engine: Volvo B23F, Supercharger: naturally asparated Turbos: naturally asparated Tires: Bridgestone Potenza RE-92


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