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F14 Tomcat "Sonic Boom"
just a vid of an f 14 breaking the sound barrier at a low altitude Sound barrier break tomcat airforce jet ocean f14 fast speed

Carrier Pitching Flight Deck - Landing and Take-offs with Bad weather Condition
An overview of the World Military videos on the navy, air force, army. From aircraft carriers to fighter planes, passing through tanks, infantry and special forces, to the attack submarines. Military HUB - A meeting place for all fans .... Una panoramica del mondo Militare, video sulla marina, aeronautica, esercito. Dalle portaerei agli aerei da caccia, passando per carri armati, fanteria e forze speciali, fino ai sottomarini d'attacco. Military HUB - Un ritrovo per tutti gli appassionati.... Una visión general de los videos Mundial Militar en la marina, fuerza aérea, ejército. De portaaviones a los aviones de combate, pasando por tanques, infantería y fuerzas especiales, a los submarinos de ataque. HUB Militar - Un lugar de encuentro para todos los aficionados .... Un aperçu des vidéos monde militaire sur la marine, l'armée de l'air, de l'armée. De porte-avions aux avions de chasse, en passant par des chars, l'infanterie et les forces spéciales, les sous-marins d'attaque. HUB militaire - Un lieu de rencontre pour tous les fans .... نظرة عامة على الفيديو العالم العسكرية في القوات البحرية والقوات الجوية والجيش. من حاملات الطائرات إلى طائرات مقاتلة، ويمر من خلال الدبابات والمشاة والقوات الخاصة، إلى غواصات هجومية. المحور العسكري - مكان اجتماع لجميع المشجعين .... Eine Übersicht über die World Military Videos auf dem Marine, Luftwaffe, Heer. Von Flugzeugträgern zu Kampfflugzeuge, die durch Panzer, Infanterie und Spezialeinheiten, um den Angriff U-Boote. Military HUB - Ein Treffpunkt für alle Fans .... Обзор мирового военного видео на морского флота, авиации, армии. С авианосцев до истребителей, проходящих через танков, пехоты и спецназа, к ударных подводных лодок. Военная HUB - место встречи для всех поклонников .... Donanma, hava kuvvetleri, ordu Dünya Askeri videoları bir bakış. Saldırı denizaltıları için, tank, piyade ve özel kuvvetler geçerek savaş uçakları, uçak gemileri, gelen. Askeri HUB - tüm hayranları için bir buluşma yeri .... 海軍、空軍、陸軍に関する世界軍事ビデオの概要。 空母から戦闘機に、戦車、歩兵と特殊部隊を通過し、攻 撃潜水艦へ。 軍事HUB - すべてのファンのための出会いの場.... Uma visão geral dos vídeos Mundial Militar na marinha, força aérea, exército. De porta-aviões para aviões de caça, passando por tanques, infantaria e forças especiais, para os submarinos de ataque. HUB Militar - Um ponto de encontro para todos os fãs .... En översikt över World Military videoklipp på marin, flygvapen, armé. Från hangarfartyg till stridsflygplan, som passerar genom stridsvagnar, infanteri och specialstyrkor, till attack ubåtar. Militär HUB - En mötesplats för alla fans ....

Sukhoi Su-33 - Amazing Footage
Please visit my channel @ Amazing Footage of Sukhoi Su33 on the Admiral Kuznetsov. The Sukhoi Su-33 (Russian: Сухой Су-33; NATO reporting name: Flanker-D) is an all-weather carrier-based air defence fighter designed by Sukhoi and manufactured by KnAAPO. It is a derivative of the Su-27 "Flanker" and was initially known as the Su-27K. First used in operations in 1995 aboard the carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, The fighter officially entered service in August 1998, by which time the designation "Su-33" was used. Following the break-up of the Soviet Union and the subsequent downsizing of the Russian Navy, only 24 aircraft were produced. Attempted sales to China and India fell through. Compared with the Su-27, the Su-33 has a strengthened undercarriage and structure, folding wings and stabilators, all for carrier operations. The wings are larger than on land-based aircraft for increased lift. The Su-33 has upgraded engines and a twin nose wheel, and is air refuelable. The aircraft's range and payload are greater than those of the rival MiG-29K, but the Mikoyan fighter has more advanced avionics and is capable of a wider range of missions, including strike operations. In 2009, the Russian Navy ordered the MiG-29K as a replacement for the Su-33.

AK-47 Underwater at 27,450 frames per second (Part 2) - Smarter Every Day 97
In which Destin uses an AK-47 to teach you the Physics of cavitation. Tweet this: Post to Facebook: See TheSlowMoGuys video here: I've been subscribed to them for ages. I recommend you do the same! Song "Baiji" by A Shell in the Pit - Download here: Slow Motion Sound Design by Joey Van Alten Diagrams created by Larom Lancaster as part of his personal creativity experiment We used 2 high speed cameras in this video. Both were made by Vision Research: I the stuff above water level with a Miro LC310 Gavin shot all the stuff below water with the V1610 If you're a nerd, read these wikipedia articles:'s_principle The awesome bullet photo was created on a huge piece of film via direct shadowgraphy by Andrew Davidhazy. Thank you for the phone call Andrew. Rob Kueffner coded the equations in LaTEX for me in a jiffy. And of course, a huge thank you to Jimmy Neutron for letting me shoot in your pool. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tweet ideas to me @SmarterEveryDay Instead of saving for my kids' college, I make videos using the money I would have saved. The thought is it will help educate the world as a whole, and one day generate enough revenue to pay for their education. Until then if you appreciate what you've learned in this video and the effort that went in to it, please SHARE THE VIDEO! If you REALLY liked it, feel free to pitch a few dollars towards their college fund by clicking here: Warm Regards, Destin