Atlanta Metro Bus Fire.MP4

Bus brakes overheat igniting a fire in the rear wheel well compartment. Fortunately the bus had no passengers during the incident.

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Wembley Coach Fire
Double deck coach on Wembley Coach Park catches fire, fortunately empty so no one hurt.

Firemen battling intense bus fire / Autobus en feu à St-Lambert 12-1-2014
Hier soir à 20h30 un autobus de la RTL Réseau de transport de Longueuil a prit feu à l'intersection Alexandra et Venne à St-Lambert. L'autobus était en service et tous les occupants sont sortis à temps et en sécurité avant que l'incendie dégénère. Les pompiers de Longueuil ont combattu l'incendie qui a vraissemblablement débuté dans le moteur, pendant de longues minutes. Un autre autobus a été dépêché sur place pour prendre les usagés en charge. Last night at 8h30 a bus from the RTL Reseau de transport de Longueuil caught fire at the corner of Alexandra and Venne in St-Lambert. The bus was in service and all occupants were safe and fled on time before fire engulfed the large vehicle. Longueuil fire fighters battle the intense blaze that seemed to have started in the engine compartment for a while. Another bus was dispatched on scene to take over the passengers. This video is available for licensing, contact to buy and use without watermark. Demo Reels: Fire, Police & EMS 2014: Fire, Police & EMS 2013: The 4K Guy: Birds'n The Wild: Email: Twitter: Facebook: The 4K Guy: Fire Police Video: Birds'n The Wild: © 2014 The 4K Guy

Mini School Bus Full Engulfed in Flames Lakewood - The Lakewood Scoop
Mini School Bus Full Engulfed in Flames Lakewood - The Lakewood Scoop

Bus Burns Down
Lijn bus in brand, Fruithoflaan, Berchem, Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium Bus burns down "I am aware that some might not appreciate the music in this video. I opted to add music because the original audio of the video contained conversations, comments and views on the fact at hand. I did not feel comfortable posting this on the web. However, due to the relative unique nature of the images I had captured, I felt compelled to share them with others. I combated the issue of sound pollution by replacing the audio of the film by a collection of excerpts of popular fire related songs. Thus leaving the viewer free to form his own opinion on the event captured on film. In my honest opinion this is a change for the best."