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Atlanta Metro Bus Fire.MP4

Bus brakes overheat igniting a fire in the rear wheel well compartment. Fortunately the bus had no passengers during the incident.


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Car Fire: Ford F-150 FX4 @ Wawa Collegeville, PA (09:12 min)
1860 South Collegeville Rd, Collegeville, PA Fire Companies on scene: 1. Upper Providence (93), 2. Collegeville (34) The owner was standing next to me ordering a sandwich...

RAW Footage: Burning Car in NYC
NYPD & NYFD in action moments after a car is set aflame.

Truck Fire Part 2
Longer video after the filming of Part 1. Truck becomes fully engulfed in flames just before Clearview Fire Squad 45 and Huronia West OPP arrive on scene.

Bus on fire in Amsterdam.
GVB 447 burning.

Two trucks on fire this was the semi next to the first one to go up.

Ford F-150 Truck on Fire with Explosions
© 2009 Ann M. Del Tredici My neighbor Dennis's Ford F-150 pick-up truck caught on fire when he turned off the ignition. The tires ( 0:55 and 2:14) exploded (and maybe the battery (1:38), too) and the neighbor's tree almost caught on fire. Lots of black and gray smoke. Dennis, the owner, (and a couple of other neighbors) can be seen pacing in the background--very upset to see his beloved truck go up in flames. He had just returned home from shopping on a hot Saturday morning in August, 2009, in Northern California. The Firemen arrived (4:41) and quickly started to spray it (6:05) and put the fire out. After they sprayed it with water, tons of white smoke came off of it (6:23) they covered it in a white foam (not shown.) The truck was a complete loss and left the blacktop burned and bubbly--where the truck once stood. The tree had singed leaves, but did not catch on fire--and it recovered. I filmed this from my front yard--that's me groaning in the background--it was really difficult to watch it happen. A relative of another neighbor walks by--he had just moved his camper away from the fire. Dennis loved this truck--and was very sad to lose it. © 2009 Ann M. Del Tredici

mini Bus... LARGE fire
Big Fire in a minibus. Oakland gardens Queens NYC Watch the F.D.N.Y in action. a few explosions If you are going to comment, USE RESPECTFUL language

Motorhome catching fire
zips motorhome caught on fire

Fully restored 1954 Greyhound Scenicruiser Bus PD4501-083
An American Icon. I have a vintage 1954 split-level Greyhound Scenicruiser bus, restored back to the original specifications of new. This incredible Greyhound coach has undergone a full restoration to return her to her former glory and can seat 43 passengers. I have a full gallery of images to show you just how lovely she is at http://www.greyhoundcoach.com This Greyhound Scenicruiser is available for hire for use within the film, TV and music industry for any photo or video shoot although anything will be considered. The Greyhound Scenicruiser is based in Baltimore on the eastern side of America and can be driven within a reasonable distance from Baltimore, however, for any longer distance the Greyhound Scenicruiser will be transported on a low-loader, after all she is in retirement. The Greyhound Scenicruiser is also available in the UK with a reliable shipping line from Baltimore to Southampton. For more information on hiring this clasic Greyhound bus then contact Roy Hall on (+44)1634 372418

Bus on fire on Circuit Road 15 May 2011
Bus blows up on Circuit Road. Just like the movies! Thankfully, no one hurt.

An hour at FDNY Brooklyn Borough Command
We are at Brooklyn Borough Command of the FDNY on Tillary Street and Gold Street off of Flatbush Avenue, where we see FDNY Hook and Ladder 110, Engine 207, and Battalion 31 (acting Battalion Chief today), as they go on a few different runs in the span of an hour. 110, 207, and 31 are housed with Division 11, Satellite 6, and the Mobile Emergency Response Vehicle (MERV). On the first run, 110, 207, and 31 respond to a call of a fire. Unfortunately, the call location information was wrongly sent to them. They responded to Nassau Street, but the call was for Nassau Avenue, somewhere else in Brooklyn. The second call we see is Engine 207 responding to a call of a person having seizures in the lobby of Civil Court on Jay Street. Luckily, the person was already being tended to by EMT's and was OK after being taken to the hospital. The third call we see is Engine 207, H&L 110, and Battalion 31 as the respond across the street to a vehicular accident involving a civilian and the Brooklyn Borough Chief. Apparently, the chief's black Chevy Suburban got t-boned by the tan Toyota. There were no injuries to either party and the only damage was a dent on the passengers side back door of the chief's truck. You can see the Borough Chief in the white shirt. Engine 207 is a 2010 Seagrave Marauder, H&L 110 is a 2003 rear mount 100 foot ladder. Both Battalion 31 and Division 11 are 2009 Chevy's. Enjoy all of the action from Borough Command. If you have any questions about the video, feel free to message me. Comments are welcome. The videos were taken on April 10th, 2012.

Bus Fire San Francisco
Bus Fire on 280 @ Monterey Exit. Glen Park Dist. Fire was on 11/17/11

Pequannock Engine Co. 1 Engine 1-1 and Rescue 1 responding
Pompton Plains Fire Co. (Pequannock Engine Co. 1) Engine 1-1, a 1994 Saulsbury/E-One and Rescue 1, a 2009 Pierce Velocity responding from firehouse on a call.

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