Are Cars Art?

A video where I discuss how cars compare to the typical forms of Art..To some people Cars are just a form of me they are much more...check it out..let me know what you think...are cars art?

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1970 Ford F-100 Street Truck "Coyote Ugly" SEMA 2015
The 1970 Ford F-100 Street Truck "Coyote Ugly" from the SEMA Show 2015...This is one trick truck...It has the 5.0 Coyote Motor under the hood...The interior is custom....All the molding is airbrushed!!...And it just keeps getting cooler from there....Check it out!!!...For more coverage from SEMA Show 2015 visit The Coolest Cars On The Web!!!

1962 Chrysler 300 V-10 "Doris" The Classic Car Studio Speed Is The New Black The SEMA Show 2017
The 1962 Chrysler 300...."Doris" built by The Classic Car Studio Speed Shop for a client on their TV show Speed is the new Black. I caught up with them and the car at The SEMA Show 2017...The Car had been at several shops before it showed up at their's...Once Noah and the boy got their hands on it they knew how to make it cool....Don't touch the natural patina....But stuff a Viper V-10 motor under the hood....Make sure you leave room for some turbos...Scott tells me...Although it doesn't have them now...There is room for them in the future...The interior is mostly metal...With some different materials mixed in....One of a kind for sure...It may not have been a best seller back in the day...But I bet you will want this one...Very cool build for sure...Check it out!!! Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit For cool new content weekly!!!

1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 Street Rod Project
The Boys at Hudsons Rod and Customs are working on a 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 Hard Top Street Rod for a client...they want to have it ready for Detroit Auto Rama in 2013...There is a lot to be done...and time it tight...we will follow this one through and see if they make it...either way it is going to be a very cool car...check it out..and make sure you are subscribed so you can follow this project through...

1951 Ford F2 Stewart Safetywagon Hot Rod "Straight Jacket Express" 2017 Cruisin' The Coast
The 1951 Ford F2 Stewart Safetywagon Hot Rod "Straight Jacket Express" we found down at Cruisin' The Coast 2017....I have never seen one of these and of course Cruisin' The Coast is where you expect to find something this crazy....Best I can describe it....It's a 1951 Ford F2 Chassis that was sent to the Stewart Truck body plant in Brooklyn NY where it had the Stewart Safetywagon body added to it...It was then sold to a Insane Asylum in New Mexico So from there to here you will need to watch the still hauls crazy people...But now it does it in style....Very cool Hot Rod Check it out!!!! Make sure you subscribe to this Channel and Visit For cool new content every week!!!