RIPP SRT4 Turbo kit Stage 1 Testing 400whp 17psi

RIPP is proud to announce its first turbo kit for the SRT4. Using a equal length tubular stainless steel manifold, RIPP is able to bring Boost is sooner and make more power with less Boost. The kit comes with 50iTrim turbonetics turbo, 3" down pipe 35mm external wastegate with external dump. Running at 17psi 650cc injectors, a fuel return line and a 3" Exhaust. This car produced 400whp at 17psi with power and Boost coming in much earlier than previously tested kits.

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RIPP Superchargers Moab 2015 Special
Come experience a taste of our EPIC 18 hour journey through the trails of Moab. We took 6 RIPP Supercharged rigs through a grueling endurance of full throttle passes, idling for long amounts of time and crawling massive ledges. Enjoy the video guys and girls, we had a blast. Hope to see you next year! Thank you to our partners and all of the people along the trail as well as the state of Utah and the City of Moab.

stage 3 srt4 sparkle
how stage 3 works

RIPP Supercharged 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6 Pentastar
We're back with the Wk2 line and this time we're helping out the v6 guys. Watch the before and after transformation as this 3.6 gets a healthy dose of Boost from our new RIPP system.

SRT4 with Needswings Downpipe. 3 inch cutout open.
SRT4 with a Needswings downpipe w/ 3 inch cutout open. The camera tries to compensate for the massive amounts of noise by dimming the sound. This thing is LOUD. Dyno Video: