e36 320i vs e36 318is Drag

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Bmw e36 320i 1997 3.45 vs 2.93 differential
Stock 320i with 3.45 diff. on the left and 320i with 328i rear axle (2.93 diff) on the right. With 3.45 diff it has 225*50*16 summer tires, 2.93 has 205*65*15 studded winter tires. Small speed difference though, 90kmh vs 92.3kmh. With 2.93 it has a slight speed advantage in the beginning.

318is vs 323i vs 318i vs 320i
318is berlina con el escape de serie 323i coupé con el escape de un 328i 318i cabrio con supresor de catalizador y escape duramás 320i coupé con colectores de M3, catalizador e intermedio suprimido y escape duramás

BMW 320i e36 Limo vs. BMW 318iS e36 Coupe

BMW E36 318is acceleration
This is my car, it's a '95 BMW E36 318is (1.8 liter engine with 140 hp) with almost 186 000 kilometers/ 116 000 miles on the clock. This is an acceleration test from 0-150 km/h or 0-93 mp/h. The car is completely stock and I am planning on keeping that way. If measured correctly it does 0-100 kilometers / 0-60 miles in about 9 seconds (factory says 10.1) you can measure again if you'd want ;) Oh and I need a new Exhaust, anyone got any suggestions? Preferably stainless steel. And for the haters: it was already warmed up, had been driving it for about 20 minutes before doing this. For pictures of the car check here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/53597565@N07/sets/72157627587732581/