How To See Through Clothing Part 3 - overcoming bright conditions

This video addresses one of the problems you might run into when using the film/night vision DIY IR camera method. That problem is how to film in bright sunlight without the video being all washed out and void of any detail. One solution is to use the film canister method, which is really quite simple: 1) Get a hold of a film canister. If you don't have one go to Walmart and ask someone at the photo lab for one. Get one with a black bottom and grey cover. You'll only need the cover. 2) Drill a hole right in the center of the canister cover. You can experiment with the size of the hole, but 1/8 inch seems to work okay. 3) Place the canister cover over the lens of your video camera. This will fit very nicely over most of the slightly older models, and will be good enough on the newer ones. 4) When you look into the viewfinder/lcd display you will notice blackness surrounding a circular area where you are shooting at. Zoom in until there is no longer blackness in the corners. 5) You are now ready to shoot. You will notice that you are able to get much better footage with greater detail and it isn't anywhere near as bright. Thank you. Please 'Like', comment, and SUBSCRIBE! Thank you!

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Obama Narrates - How to see through clothing with your cell phone
How to see through clothing with an ordinary cell phone camera -Narrated by Barack Obama (voiced by the amazing JohnnyVideo Step one: Determine that your cell phone can see infrared light. Do this by pointing your television remote control at your camera phone and pressing a button on the remote. If you look through your phone's camera and see the light flashing then you're good to go and your cell phone will work. If not then you're screwed. I used an older motorola Razr for the video but most cell phones work. Step two: Get a hold of some 'blank, developed slide film'. Alternately you can use exposed, developed 35mm photographic film. You can buy it at your local CVS or Rite Aid, but you need to have it developed. If that's too much of a pain in the ass, try looking around your house for old envelopes of photographs that might have negatives in them. When you find some negatives what you want to look for is the very ends of the negatives. Often times you'll find a darker portion toward the end. THIS IS THE PART YOU NEED. Also, you need 3 LAYERS of this negative material (it might need more or less depending on the cell phone). Step 3: This works best in bright sunlight because you need an abundant amount of IR light. Fasten the 3 layers of film together (with tape or whatever, or if you're handy you can make yourself a nice filter holder) and place the 'filter' over the lens of your cell phone. After a brief adjustment period the sensor will allow more light and you will see the world in beautiful and eerie infrared. Step 4: This video is just for fun, don't do anything stupid like invade people's privacy with it. Created with Xtranormal animation software

How to see through clothing 2
How to see through clothing part 2 If you enjoy my videos, please subscribe, comment/rate, etc. Thank you. In this installment we set out to see the differences different colors have on the DIY IR Filter, and the experiment couldn't possibly have been more unscientific. Does anyone really care about the scientific validity of my findings? Probably not, but a few will probably bring it up. Anyhow, we bought what we thought were identical tops in different colors, only to later find out that they were actually different fabrics, which totally changed the scope of our experiment and any results that might be garnered from it. If you enjoy my videos please rate/comment/subscribe. Thank you!

iPhone App sees through clothes

How to Undo Her Bra with One Hand
Shop the video Watch more How to Improve Your Sex Life videos: There'll be no awkward fumbling to spoil the mood if you master this smooth move. Step 1: Continue kissing and stroking Continue kissing and stroking her face or hair with one hand while using your free hand to feel for the clasp to determine whether it is in the front or back. Step 2: Determine clasp location Place your hand on her breast, over the shirt, and feel for a plastic clasp between the breasts. If you don't feel anything, it's probably a back clasp. Tip She may be wearing a sports bra, which has no clasp and can't be removed with this method, or no bra at all. Step 3: Feel under the shirt Slip your hand underneath the back of her shirt and feel for a thicker piece of fabric about three to five inches long in the center of the bra. This is the back clasp. Tip Before going underneath the shirt, make sure your hand is warm. A cold hand on the back is never welcome. Step 4: Remove tension Remove tension from either a front or back clasp by grasping the fabric on either side of the clasp between two fingers. Then squeeze your fingers together toward the middle to release. Step 5: Practice Practice the squeeze and release technique with a willing friend to ensure quick and smooth removal when it counts. Did You Know? Two women were killed in London in 1999 by a bolt of lightning, after the underwire in their bras acted as a conductor.