A ride in a 970hp duramax

This is my buddies truck. He builds all his stuff and has done awesome work for me and my truck! at the time in the video he was pushing 970hp! Now he has over 1200 and is working on a sick triple setup! if you need some good work done here is his site. http://www.fullyspooledmotorsports.com/

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stock and tuned superchip duramax!!
haha transmission is finally going out, i have 110000 mile with the truck programmed and 180000 miles total! stage IV transmission, airdog 150, efi live, coming soon!! new video will be up! i hope to have 500+ hp;)

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mpi base twins, 40 over injectors, dipper allison, EFI and other supporting mods! I payed for this truck.