bob sapp power kicks

for more videos log onto Ever wonder how hard Bob Sapp kicks? Ever wonder how far a kick from him can launch a 160lbs person? Marcos Villegas from Fight Hub TV demonstrates the sheer brutal strength of this natural wonder! videos uploaded daily! subscribe: Like us: follow us:

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K-1 Classics: Ernesto Hoost vs. Bob Sapp Feud
This was a big clash with brute strength vs technique. Watch the small documentary of the battle between Hoost and Sapp. Although Sapp won their bouts there no doubt who was the winner here (and most of his K-1 career). Regardless I give credit to Sapp for lasting Hoost low kicks and killer kidney blows he gave Sapp and winning. As a result Sapp broke his hand in the Finals, making Hoost go for gold again. From: K-1 Grand Prix Opening 2002 and K-1 Grand Prix Finals 2002 Saa! Enjoii!! *This is from my VHS so it won't be HD but did my best to get it looking good in a big screen for you all :)

Bob Sapp gets his ass kicked in Romania !

Bob Sapp Crush an Apple with one hand.
Extreme Power

Bob Sapp vs. Mike Tyson
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