AE86 5バルブメカチューン ボッシュシャシダイにて250PS計測 4AG-5バルブメカチューンエンジン・・エンジンベンチで200PSを計測し、ボッシュシャシダイでは250PSを計測。ボッシュ計測値×0.8=ベンチ計測値ですね。シャシダイの数値は測定環境で大きく変わるということですね・・

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AE86 N2仕様

TRD 20v levin
ok so this is the legendary levin with the 4age 20v TRD engine(yes the one takumi has in initial D)searched a lot to find here it is enjoy :) 11.000rpm 241 horses and 4 magic butterflies :) Edit:Ok so i though it was called formula atlantic!and yes it is a levin...i was so excited that i did not notice the headlights...plz stop correcting me...i did not uploaded this video to show my knowledge about toyota(which is not pro), i did it cause it is a hard to find video and i was searching almost a month to find it!

ドリフト:スピリッツ太郎直伝 AE86ドリ車StepUP Tune
ドノーマルAE86から完全ドリフト仕様に仕上げるポイン をご紹介。 切った貼ったの車高調製作がグぅ~!! Tester by Taniguchi

trd ae86