Syton AH130 Ultralight Helicopter

Syton AH130 a new helicopter whit gas turbine produced by Alpi Aviation in Pordenone - Italy

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Joe's turbine helicopter
Start up and hover

CH77 Ranabot 2013 new Helicopter
Igi Barbero with the new CH77 Ranabot Helicopter in Val Gardena with Rotax 914 turbo four stroke engine

Risen, Swiss ultralight aircraft with retractable gear and in-flight adjustable propeller. – Risen Swiss ultralight aircraft with retractable gear and adjustable prop on display at Aero 2015. Dan Johnson talks to Alberto Porto from Sea Avio about the Risen. The Risen features carbon construction, is a two seat side by side seating ultralight airplane with a large cabin width (123cm) for the pilot and passenger comfort, both enjoying the panoramic view from a unique motorized canopy, surrounded by gorgeous leather interior, with two 10” and one 7” Dynon touch, Bose headsets; and a two axis autopilot. For safety the Risen is equipped with a ballistic parachute, anti-explosion and anti-fire fuel tanks while seatbelts have pre-tensioning system and block system for flight in turbulence. The cabin is surrounded by strong carbon reinforcement for pilot and passenger protection. The Risen is powered by the reliable engine Rotax 912 ULS. SEA has also developed a custom propeller to generate the perfect airflow for the body shape of Risen letting it achieve a continuous speed of 312 Km/h. The Risen is available in three different standard paint schemes and interior finishing named “Race”, “Sport” and “Elegance”, but any kind of personalization is possible to have your “tailor made” aircraft. Video and Audio content is Copyright © Sport Aviation Magazine. This video and audio material may not be reproduced in any form without written permission. Help support Sport Aviation Magazine by subscribing to our PAID subscription video magazine at Thank You for your continued support! RELATED SEARCH TERMS: experimental aircraft, experimental amateurbuilt aircraft video, homebuilt aircraft, homebuilt aircraft kits, home built aircraft, homebuilt aircraft plans, sport aircraft, light sport aircraft, light sport aircraft kits, light sport aircraft for sale, light sport aircraft manufacturers, sport planes,sport aircraft, light sport planes, Light-sport Aircraft (Aircraft Type), Flying (Magazine), TAGS: Risen, Risen ultralight aircraft, Swiss Risen, Risen Aircraft,Sea-Avio, - Risen Swiss ultralight aircraft with retractable gear and in-flight adjustable prop.

Insane Helicopter Pilot
Old BO-105 german anti tank helicopter getting flown by a great pilot.