A little footage of Old Blue

getting dirty

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Evolution of Old Blue
Just some still pics of the evolution of the bogger. Started life as a 1986 2wd f-150 302 c-6 8.8" and has evolved into: 44" swampers, 429 on propane, c-6, 3" body lift, aprox 9" of suspension, had a d44 front but is currently being upgraded to a dana 60 with ox locker, rear is still a 9" with 5.13 and a welded spool but soon to be a 60. beadlocks on the front but soon to be all around. And the list of future mod's is endless.

Badass Mud truck on 44's
just a drunk day and curiousity of my canal hehe

offroad bagging some old fords
wheeling some low cost trucks

Bar-D Farm Mud Ride 2
In St.Francisville Louisiana playing in a drained pond at the Bar-D Farms. PepperMint, Juice Box, and BigBlack in action!