Cobalt SS vs Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Cobalt SS Mods: Intake,Exhaust,Pulley,Stage 2 tune Crown Vic Mods: Flowmaster Exhaust, Nitrous 75 shot

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Hellcat Charger vs Cobalt SS Hahn Stage 5 & Explosion
Cobalt SS hangs with a Hellcat charger pretty good, then explodes in a comical fashion.

Crown Victoria "Rice Patrol"
Racing, burnouts, and otherwise screwing off with a lightly modded C.V.P.I.

Cobalt, altima, maxima, crown vic, Infiniti i30
A drag race between a Chevy cobalt, Nissan altima, Nissan maxima, Ford crown vic, and Infiniti I30. Race results ended with 1st crown vic, 2nd maxima, 3rd altima, 4th Infiniti i30, amd last cobalt.

impala ss vs crown victoria