454 Impala SS Almost Finished

It moved 20' on its own power today

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64 impala with a 454 motor

Impala 454 BBC, chevy, peanut ports
Its a .030 over TBI 454 block, .010 under crank and rods, arp bolts, 4 bolt mains speed pro hyper. coated pistons, moly rings, moroso oiling, 9.6 compression, shaved and ported 360 casting peanut port heads. I did the porting in my basement, 308 peak intake flow, 247 peak ex. flow. custom grind hyd roller, 240's duration, 600's lift, EFI lobe separation. Harland sharp rockers, chrome moly pushrods, air gap with a 770 holley street avenger until the multi point EFI... going to be 2'' headers when it goes in the car. car is a 78 4 door impala, 4l80e, 8.5'' 10bolt built by strange, custom upper control arms global west lowers. corvette brakes for now, random front tubular controls arms re-fabbed by my dad and I. lowered a few inches, 17x7 and 18x10 inch torque thrusts. Just idling i would guess around 1200rpm, (no tach) about 30 degrees. more to come I hope to drop it in soon. All machining by Borowski Race Enterprise, Rockdale, IL---Excellent shop and extremely welcoming people

1965 Chevrolet Impala 454
This is my 1965 Chevrolet Impala. It has a 454 rat motor in it.