Random Woofers Vs. Rockford Punch 200w amp

still playin with woofers on a nice sunday afternoon. Tryin to get a few extra vids onto youtube while having fun doing it! I love hooking up random equipment!

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6th Order Compound Loaded Isobaric Bandpass Box - 2 12" Woofers
See the build pics here: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/141676-lexus-is-f-6th-order-is obaric-clamshell-bandpass/ Just some of the ideas i have going through my head for the Lexus install i am getting ready to start. This is a box i used to build back in the early 90's. It is a compound Isobaric (push/pull) 6th order bandpass. The woofers back then used to work good in a box like this. It has been a while since i even thought of something like this so i figured i would try. Since it needs to be built IN to the car, i need to do all of my experimenting outside of the car and see how it sounds. After hearing it, i know I need to do further testing and tuning before i decide to make it permanent. It's a fun box to build but i don't think it is going to work out. I will make my decision tomorrow but more then likely i will be going to "plan B". I figured you guys would like to at least see my attempt. If you ask me, this could be the actual definition of "woofer pr0n" :D They are gettin it on for sure! Join the forum today and be part of one of the BIGGEST car audio websites on earth! http://www.SteveMeadeDesigns.com/board More to come! Facebook Page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Steve-Meade-Designs/59127968198 Follow: http://www.twitter.com/meade916

BONEYARD AMPS - Classic Rockford Fosgate Punch 150 BACK FROM THE GRAVE!
My buddy Juan did it again! He repaired 3 amps for me that had no hope of ever working again. They all spent at least 10 years in the garage. The first was the Rockford Fosgate Punch 150, then the Soundstream Reference Class A 5.0....and of course an old Soundstream Rubicon 302 a friend gave me for a door stop. The next video's coming up, i will fire up the Rubicon 302 and for the grand finale, i will see which one is the loudest of the 3, on the TermLab meter. Regardless, i am amazed Juan was able to bring them back. Also, if you want to see what i do with this Ranger, subscribe! I have big plans for it! Boneyard challenge coming soon. The amp works GREAT!! Thank you Juan! Class A 5.0......if you know car audio, you know this is a BADASS amp! Visit my website and join the forum! http://www.steveMeadeDesigns.com/board Join my Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/pages/SMD-Steve-Meade-Designs-OFFICIAL-Fan-Page/207 89... Follow my Tweets! http://www.Twitter.com/meade916 the DD-1 Distortion Detector is a product developed specifically to set your gains. It can be found at http://www.wccaraudio.com

Doubling the power - Honda Civic 20,000 watts (2) RE MT 18" Woofers - Rockford Amps
me and my son antheny are getting started on the civic. I figured we would double the power and he agreed with me. This will be his project but i will help him with the big stuff of course!

Woofer VS Wall Socket (Fi BTL - Will it survive?)
gettin ready to recone my older BTL's to the new style and i figured i would TRY and take it out the fun way....lets just say it was only Attempted murder