BMW X5 M driving footage race track complete

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off road BMW X5 - MUD in motocross TRACK
Diferențialul artificial generat de sistemul de tracțiune 4x4 al BMW, ajută destul de bine mașina să treacă peste câteva dealuri abordate altfel dificil - vor fi momente în care auto se va sprijini doar în 3 roți.

2010 BMW X5 M Review by
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BMW X5M and One Lap of America 2012 - /DRIVE CLEAN
The One Lap of America, also known as the Cannonball Rally, was originally created by Brock Yates in the early 1970's. It was a flat out race from New York City to Redondo Beach, California in the fastest time possible (which, at the time, was 32 hours and 51 minutes). Since then, the rally has progressed to a slightly less insane race that is scored or "judged" from events that take place on various race tracks arcross the country. However, each race event is roughly 400 to 600 miles from the last one; which means drivers drive all night and race all day. Four-thousand miles, eight days, 10 states, 12 track events, and no sleep = One Lap of America. In this episode, Matt Farah, Mike Musto (and mostly I) thought the One Lap race would be a great way to test detailing products to show how progressively "dirty" cars become during this type of torturous trip. For more information on 1 Lap of America visit: Also download our product guide for everything used in this episode at

X5 M vs X5 50i (Collection Video) RACE @ :59 REVS+LAUNCH
Collecting our new X5 50i M sport, and a quick X5M vs X5 50i race