Highway Runs with built Corvette's & my '03 Cobra

Shot all of this on the way down to the track, where most of the fun always seems to take place. The Vette that passes Daniel and I is Hydroshutter's 408. The beginning/last song is Stabbing Westward - Save Yourself and the main song is Tool - Stinkfist

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Flying around the clouds, formation flying with dad.
Rented a Piper Warrior II from the flight school and dad took his Super Cub up.

Super Cub Formation Flying
Evening formation flight with dad. The Super Cub is a '54 L-21B, which is the militarized version of the Cub. The difference is the squared rear windows / overhead plexiglass and header tank behind the rear seat which helps keep fuel flowing at unusual attitudes. It was based at Viturbo Italy and served in the Italian Army as a pilot trainer / artillery spotter from the mid 50's through the early 70's. It has a Lycoming O-290-D2 135 HP engine and cruises at around 85 kts.

Grumman Tiger IFR Cross Country Flight
Rented the Tiger from the flight school and flew to Apalachicola, ate lunch in town then headed back. I made use of my newly aquired instrument rating to file IFR down and back - first solo flight in "the system". It was VFR conditions all over the southeast, but it was a lot of fun to punch up through the thin overcast and cruise down on-top of the clouds. On the return trip I requested a block clearance from 5 to 6,000 so I could skim the clouds, that was great fun. Was about 260nm each way - took a little under 5 hours round trip with a stop at LaGrange, Ga. on the way back.

Citabria Decathlon Spin
It's a short video, dad was filming from the Cub, he didn't quite capture the first two spins. Started from straight ahead and level, kicked full left rudder at the buffet and full aft on the stick, held the pro-spin inputs until recovery at which point it came out within what felt to be a half turn or so - then a 3 G pull out. Also did a cross controlled stall/spin and a simulation of the infamous base to final stall spin. It was a lot of fun, last time I spun anything was years ago, forgot how wild it feels especially on spin entry - goes from a lot of sky to a lot of ground in a hurry