Highway Runs with built Corvette's & my '03 Cobra

Shot all of this on the way down to the track, where most of the fun always seems to take place. The Vette that passes Daniel and I is Hydroshutter's 408. The beginning/last song is Stabbing Westward - Save Yourself and the main song is Tool - Stinkfist

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Cub Flying
Just up flying around with dad, he's a good cameraman.

Super Cub & MA-5 Charger Formation Flying
Formation low passes and touch and go's with a friend's MA-5.

Flying around the clouds, formation flying with dad.
Rented a Piper Warrior II from the flight school and dad took his Super Cub up.

Super Cub Formation Flying
Evening formation flight with dad. The Super Cub is a '54 L-21B, which is the militarized version of the Cub. The difference is the squared rear windows / overhead plexiglass and header tank behind the rear seat which helps keep fuel flowing at unusual attitudes. It was based at Viturbo Italy and served in the Italian Army as a pilot trainer / artillery spotter from the mid 50's through the early 70's. It has a Lycoming O-290-D2 135 HP engine and cruises at around 85 kts.