Highway Runs with built Corvette's & my '03 Cobra

Shot all of this on the way down to the track, where most of the fun always seems to take place. The Vette that passes Daniel and I is Hydroshutter's 408. The beginning/last song is Stabbing Westward - Save Yourself and the main song is Tool - Stinkfist

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Threshold: The Blue Angels Experience
Order DVD at http://www.thresholdtheblueangelsexperience.com Written by Frank Herbert (Dune). Narrated by Leslie Nielsen. Produced & Directed by Paul T.

Flying around the clouds, formation flying with dad.
Rented a Piper Warrior II from the flight school and dad took his Super Cub up.

Super Cub Formation Flying
Evening formation flight with dad. The Super Cub is a '54 L-21B, which is the militarized version of the Cub. The difference is the squared rear windows ...

Grumman Tiger IFR Cross Country Flight
Rented the Tiger from the flight school and flew to Apalachicola, ate lunch in town then headed back. I made use of my newly aquired instrument rating to file IFR ...