Highway Runs with built Corvette's & my '03 Cobra

Shot all of this on the way down to the track, where most of the fun always seems to take place. The Vette that passes Daniel and I is Hydroshutter's 408. The beginning/last song is Stabbing Westward - Save Yourself and the main song is Tool - Stinkfist

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Super Cub & MA-5 Charger Formation Flying
Formation low passes and touch and go's with a friend's MA-5.

Flying around the clouds, formation flying with dad.
Rented a Piper Warrior II from the flight school and dad took his Super Cub up.

Bob Hoover Tribute Demo
Tribute to flying legend R.A. "Bob" Hoover and his Mustang routine flown by myself in DCS: P-51D, a high fidelity PC based simulator. Narrated by Chris "Striker" Curtis, a CV-22 combat veteran and narrator for the Patriots Jet Team. The performance shown here was flown live Feb 16, 2014 during the first anniversary celebrations of the Virtual Aerobatics website and multiplayer server, a place where flight simulator enthusiasts from around the world can fly together and practice all types of demonstration flying. A former airshow and United States Air Force test pilot, he's been referred to as "the greatest stick-and-rudder-man who ever lived" by Jimmy Doolittle, "the best pilot I ever saw" by Chuck Yeager, and "the pilot's pilot". He is considered by many to be one of the founding fathers of aerobatics. His lifetime of achievement and excellence creates a lasting legacy that will continue to be an inspiration to all for many generations to come. To learn more about Bob's incredible career purchase a copy of his autobiography: "Forever Flying". Also, be sure to watch for the release of two documentaries: "Flying the Feathered Edge: The Bob Hoover Project" by Kim Furst on Nov. 17th, and "Perfecting Flight: Bob Hoover" by Dan Birman. http://www.thebobhooverproject.com

NastyC6 Built Corvette vs. 2008 Stock Viper SRT
NastyC6, same car that has been on Pinks vs. a 2008 Stock Viper SRT driving in Mexico. Thanks to RiceKillers and EquaVoice.com