Maxima vs Prelude

Drag Race

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H22 Prelude intake open header vs Nissan Maxima
3rd run of the day, red light but ran one of my better times of the day.

honda prelude vs chevy colorado street race
honda prelude vs chevy colorado

00 Maxima vs Sentra SE-R
Drag Race

Prelude vs. RX-8
Just messin around in some tunnels. Mostly wanted to get a fly-by shot of my friends RX-8. Surprisingly the whole thing sounded pretty nice in the confines of the tunnel. Anyway, yea he won, no surprise. Only "hp" upgrades I have are: -AEM CAI -Thermal R&D dual tip catback. Looks almost stock. ***got a mazdaspeed 6 now. woohoo, i will miss the lude =\