FAST RIDE in a Red 1956 Chevy HotRod Wild Ride

He gets on it 3 times. My Brother in law takes me on a 10 min Ride in his 56 Cheve HotRod. Thanks Steve !!!

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FAST 1956 Chevy Hot Rod Total Restoration And Ride.
My Brother's 1956 Hot Rod. My Sis helped him drag it out of the woods.

Way of The Witch Dave Steffen
A Great Guitar Hero' Dave Steffen playing his Acoustic guitar to his song Way of the Witch. Thanks Dave for the show !!! You ROCK Man !!

WOW Guitar Hero Dave Steffen Plays A Troubled Man
Song that fits me well, Dave's Troubled Man is a classic' and I was lucky to record it when I was in Wisconsin last weekend. Thanks for the Great Show Dave!!! Keep Rockin!!!

UFO Sighting at SW Ohio Football game.
I was about to video tape a high school football game and saw this flying across the moon. I slowed down the Video in stages. On the Freeze Frame Photo I can see an Object that seems to be smooth and has a Seam all around it.