Hunter's Euro-ish Miata

The Daily Detergent feature of Hunter's Miata. Music: Calvin Harris - Colours

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Miata Drifting Practice (Open Differential)
Practicing drifting my 91 Miata during 1 event I did in 2011 at Desoto Speedway (Florida). The car was completely stock drivetrain at the time, including an open rear differential! I ended up breaking the diff as you'd imagine and now I have a Torsen LSD out of an 2001. I have since sold the wheels and I'm going to get much better coilovers (had Raceland) and lighter/better wheels. Hopefully I'll get some more seat time coming soon. All footage in this video was shot with a GoPro Hero HD (version 1) in 1280x720p @30 or 60 fps.

Pebble Pusher | SlammedEnuff'| [Slammed Miata] Car Feature - CamberGang
I met Evan in the parking lot of the Super 8 motel at SOWO. I had just woken up from sleeping in my car, and saw this beautiful miata banging around the parking lot. I shot his car for a few seconds, and found out where I was staying for the week wasn't all that far from him. We both drove about an hour south of Atlanta to a town neither of us had ever visited, and managed to make the best of it! Unfortunately Evan broke his oil pan right after we parted ways, but he is most definitely "about that life". His 1990 miata is the lowest cars I have ever been in. Bagged or static. For being on racelands it actually rides quite nice. 15x9.5 Image IFX 3-piece wheels really set the car off. Every time I am able to shoot a car it seems as if I make a new friend. The car scene is thriving and better than it has ever been. Be on the lookout for Evan's full feature on SlammedEnuff, and subscribe for more car videos this season. We have 4 waiting to be edited, and many more setup to shoot. [INSTAGRAM]: not_yekim [SNAPCHAT]:notyekim [WEBSITE] We claim no rights to this song. All credit goes to the respected artists.

Slammed Mazda Miata | Brokelifestyle
Alex Griffin's slammed Mazda Miata. Filmed & edited by Mitchell Hoffman. Instagram @Brokelifestyle

Miata wreck - Onboard and aftermath!
For my 1,000th video, I chose to upload something that isn't exactly cheerful or celebratory, but it is something I wanted to share, something I wanted to be able to look back on and reminisce about... My friend and I were attacking a twisty road when we took a curve a bit too fast and slid off the road into a ditch, damaging the control arm, strut, pushing the frame back, and more! At the end of the day the damage wasn't so bad, and we were able to hop out of the car after the incident, so we can't complain about the outcome! The car is in the process of being repaired now... Please, keep any negative comments to yourself- it could happen to anyone! Razzi: Blog: