STL Racing Procharged G8 H&C Camaro H&C formula Bolt on camaro Intake tune G8

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D1SC G8 - '12 5.0 - H/C LS1s + more Camaros & Mustangs
Procharged G8GT Heads/cam Z28 Heads/cam/forged 347ci Formula WS6 with 150 shot of Nitrous Bolton 2012 Mustang GT 5.0 Bolton/geared 3v Mustang 5 speed Bolton LS2 Camaro SS auto Bolton LS1 Camaro 6 speed Bolton LS1 Camaro auto 2011 Mustang 3.7L V6 axleback Bad Bowtie Productions BBP

OMG8 - 9 second, 1000 HP Turbo G8
Not your average 4 door! Powered by a Built 6L and a PT88 turbo and running on E92 ethanol, this thing hauls more than groceries. Weighing in at well over 4,000 lbs doesn't stop this 1000 hp G8 GT from knocking down a 9 second ET. It's running on 20psi, but it will soon be turned up and shoot for the G8 record! Bad Bowtie Productions BBP

Abel Racing G8 VS GT 500
GT 500 Unknown Mods - 11.18 @126.19 G8 Heads, Cam, Procharged- 11.12 @126.35 G8 hitting limiter in 3rd Abel Racing Midwest City Ok

Dodge Charger R/T Magnaflow Exhaust w/ Cold Air Intake
My previous video of my Exhaust didn't include the cold air intake or an actual view of under the car so here is this one! Hopefully this video will clear up any last questions people have over the sound of this setup or what it looks like! Part number on the Magnaflow Website is: 11236 Follow me on Instagram at: Here is a full Exhaust video of my Charger showing off the sound from different views. This Exhaust consist of two Magnaflow 4x9 oval mufflers and a resonator delete. For those of you that were familiar with my F-150 these are the same mufflers that were on that. The tone is very deep and you definitely 'feel" it. Flowmasters sound like all of the sound just goes straight out the back but magnaflow does a good job of letting the driver really feel their rumble. At idle the car has a slight rumble to it that sounds very good. The only real drone is at about 65mph but otherwise it sounds fine. I would recommend this to anyone that wants a loud Exhaust but not "too" loud.