Isle of Man Formula E 250 Super Karting GP 1990

The Isle of Man 1990 Formula E Superkart Grand Prix Final with on board camera footage

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Raphaël REDONDI- SUPERKART 250cc Mono DEA Une première expérience glorieuse pour Raphaël REDONDI Le Mans Bugatti 24 Octobre 2014

Superkart - Le Mans 2012 - CIK-FIA European Championship Race 2
Video is from the CIK-FIA european championship in Superkart held at Le Mans 30th of September 2012. I start in second position position and drop down a lot places due to drivers behind making a jump start and not keeping the formation in 2 straight rows. I finish in 4th position. The Superkart I drive has a 250 ccm, 2 stroke, 2 cylinder, PVP engine. Chassis is also made by PVP. The kart has aprox. 100 HP and does around 250 km/h as topspeed.

FERRARI vs GO KART - Chase - Battle in top gear - Challenge Stradale | V8 Sound | SCC TV
Feel free to also have a look at this great video of a Bugatti versus a Ferrari: We visited the Herfstrit 2012 Meeting (Autumn Ride 2012) in Holland. Here some spectacular footage of a race between two karts and a couple of Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradales. Enjoy some Stradale - Kart action! We make these videos because we love cars. Please help us keep making them by liking our videos. Thank you very much!

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