Isle of Man Formula E 250 Super Karting GP 1990

The Isle of Man 1990 Formula E Superkart Grand Prix Final with on board camera footage

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Raphaël REDONDI- SUPERKART 250cc Mono DEA Une première expérience glorieuse pour Raphaël REDONDI Le Mans Bugatti 24 Octobre 2014

CRAZY KART RACE! 160 km/h! Isle of Man! Peel Kart GRAND PRIX 1991! Britain's only street race for karts, takes place at historic Peel in the Isle of Man where, every June the UK's top karters do battle between the kerbs and walls. Capture what its like to cover 2 miles of narrow streets at an average of eighty miles an hour with ‘Kartcam’ on-board action. We're on INSTAGRAM: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on TWITTER:

Superkart Donington July 2014 Race 2 - First corner crash!
Reverse grid for the first 8 positions in Race 1 meant I started on the front row. I had a very slow first lap, dropped to about 12th, then improved and ran consistently in the 1:11s for most of the race. Unfortunately the battery died in the camera before the end of the race.....

First lap of The "Monaco" Karting Race in Trois-Rivières QC Rotax Max SR