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My old Ford Capri Laser gets banger raced 11-08-07

My Capri getting raced at Mildenhall Stadium on 11th August 2007. I didnt race it! I would have brought it back from my mate who i sold it too but he had already stripped and prepared it for racing before i knew about it entered into the meeting. I was gutted to see it like this. It was Stratos silver with black vinyl roof before it was built for racing. The 2litre pinto was used in my mates recovery truck so its heart lives on! R.I.P C422 VLP


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Arena KIRS Round 3 All Granada's 27/7/14
The 3rd round rolled into the Arena Essex raceway, With several long distance travelers including many from across the water. Hit of the day was 239 Steve Nemesis Carter on 262 Rob Roona Bugler without a doubt. Here is the best of what I caught.

Bangers Biddinghuizen 21-6-2014 Compilatie
Bangers Biddinghuizen op 21-6-2014 Special thanks to #349 Mark Wouters for having the onboard cams!

Stoke Unlimited Battle Of Britain 2014

Wimbledon Pre67 1994 Clips
Wimbledon Pre67 1994 Preview edited by me,Available from http://www.martinhuntvideos.co.uk

Arena Essex Mrk1 and Mrk2 Granada Bangers KIRS Round 3 27th July 2014
Around 50 Mrk 1 & 2 Granadas turned up for KIRS Round 3. This video features some of the days massive hits including 239 Nemesis' huge blitz on rival 262 Roona, enjoy!

Great Yarmouth Unlimited Banger World Series 10th August 2014

A60 Amble Arlington 13/08/2014
Nostalgia Banger Racing as the A60s come out at Arlington Raceway, Sussex, England on Wednesday evening August 13th 2014

Trigger Memorial 2014 - Banger racing at Standlake Arena

Skegness 2LTR Banger Non Mondeo Crash Attack 5th August 2014

Mildenhall RWD 2014

650hp capri looses it
650hp capri stands on it and has a close encounter with...

Kings Lynn Unlimited and Micro Bangers 2nd August 2014

Ford Capri Crash
interview with driver after a Capri Crash

Pimp my ride!.... The making of Darren's banger racing car
The kids of Talsarnau set about turning an old Nissan Sunny into a lean mean racing machine....... .....Well, something that will get past the scrutineer type blokes!

British Beef 09 - Banger racing at Mendips Raceway
Loads more photos at www.ThunderPix.co.uk. Compilation of photos and video footage from a lively British Beef banger racing meeting held at Mendips Raceway on 27th June 09. Final was won by #190 Pikey. Music: ThunderIV by Chris Parry (me)

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1967 Ford Capri sedan: 7.980 @ 172.200
mick mahoney, Engine: 588 big block, Tires: m/t slicks

1969 Ford Capri Windsor Nitrous: 8.250 @ 168.600
david murphy, Engine: windsor,

1971 Ford Capri GT1600: 8.574 @ 157.850
Elvio Gonzalez, Engine: LS2 364ci, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: Single 74mm Tires: DS2, M/T 275 drag radial

1985 Mercury Capri : 8.662 @ 161.690
Joe Pollich, Engine: SVO,

1969 Ford Capri sedan: 8.848 @ 154.320
elvio gonzalez, Engine: FORD 460BBF/514ci, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: goodyear 10.5'

1991 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo: 9.612 @ 141.960
kiggly, Turbos: PT74GTS Tires: Slicks

1971 Ford Capri GT: 9.967 @ 134.440
Sam Danaskos, Engine: 347,

1990 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo: 9.975 @ 141.350
Joe P Bucci, Engine: 4G63, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: 16g Tires: M/T

1983 Mercury Capri RS: 9.997 @ 133.500
Ric Bogue, Engine: 351w (393) stroker, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: 28x10.5

1979 Mercury Capri : 10.310 @ 132.000
Mark, Engine: 351 Ford, Tires: 28-10

1973 Ford Capri : 10.377 @ 130.050
Kerry Reuben, Engine: 393 windsor, Tires: hossier 10.5/28/15

1984 Mercury Capri : 10.474 @ 129.870
Paul Garant, Engine: 466 Ford, Tires: 14x32 MT

1985 Mercury Capri rs: 10.561 @ 129.310
todd reynolds, Engine: 1988(5.0L)stock bot. end exc. pistons, Tires: hoosier(all4corners)

1985 Mercury Capri : 10.900 @ 138.000
Scott Ross, Engine: 306, Supercharger: 174 B&M Tires: radial and extra set slicks

1992 Plymouth Laser RS AWD: 11.194 @ 126.840
Frankie Bones, Engine: 2.0L 4G63, Turbos: SCM61 Tires: Nitto NT555R 225-50-16

1985 Mercury Capri : 11.200 @ 120.000
Thomas Dowhaniuk, Engine: 302,

1969 Ford Capri : 11.400 @ 0.000
Jacob Giannias, Engine: 302 windsor, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: 235 rear 205 front (street tyres)

1992 Plymouth Laser RS AWD: 11.940 @ 114.660
Paul, Engine: 2.0 4G63, Turbos: TO4B M-trim Tires: snow tires

1990 Plymouth Laser rs-turbo FWD: 12.220 @ 117.235
jeff k., Engine: 2.0 d.o.h.c. turbo, Turbos: FPG turbo 730cfm Tires: slicks 24.5

1992 Plymouth Laser Rs Turbo FWD: 12.300 @ 119.360
Stanley, Engine: 4G63, Turbos: 16g(evo3) Tires: 215/45/vr17


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