Chevrolet Silverado 1500 0-80

This truck has the mighty Vortec 5.7 engine, no modifications, and LOTS OF POWER!

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What happens when 0-60 is attempted on wet pavement...
What happens, it FAILS! This is the slowest 0-60 I've ever tried to do, LOL. Better luck next time.

Cartridge Oil Filter Change Gone Wrong
An incorrectly installed cartridge oil filter caused the engine to lose four quarts of oil, resulting in a check engine light, loud rattle, and rough idle on this 2014 Captiva.

Timing Belt with Nearly 200,000 Miles
1996 Avalon with a timing belt about to break!

Large LED Reverse Lamps on Grandpa's Van
Grandpa was having a hard time seeing at night, so I installed some bright LED lamps which activate when the van is in reverse.