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starion drift

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Starion Turbo Sound - Launch / Walkaround / Drive by / Start up
Lowest Starion... the world (lol). 10F (-12C) degrees out, wanted to see how my 86 Mitsubishi Starion turbo would perform. For specs, pics, and more videos, check it out at **No beers were harmed in the making of this film**

Starion vs Conquest

87 Starion with 6G72 TT. Seeing the light of day for first time in a long time
Running pretty well now - still need a lot of tuning, but pulls in and out of the garage very easily, transmission is functioning nice... that 3000+ rpm stall is interesting feeling. :)

Club Loose Starion Wheel Action
Pointed the camera at my rear wheel just to see what was going on. Nothing too spectacular. Good event. Killed 11 junky tires. Fall cleaning. Notice the missing fender skin. I'm almost done fixing the car after the accident a few weeks ago. Its clearly done enough to do events.