Supercharged Acura RSX w/ K24, idling...

The Dayco Poly-Cog is a lot noisier than the Gatorback.

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K24 Turbo Idle
Short vid of K20Tuned K24 turbo Idle

Honda Civic EP3 - CT Supercharged K24 on a 8lb pulley
Giuseppe's Supercharged K24 EP3 on our MainLine Dyno.

k24 SuperCharged on Dyno
So I changed out crank pulleys to the new 09 Honda Accord CP, I added the GM 3BAR MAP sensor and swapped my 440cc injectors for 750cc and took my car to a new tuner who knew my car could make a lot more! Previously I made 241hp and 163lbs torque, now I make 290hp and 216lbs torque. I can't thank Curt at Dynotune Performance in Madison enough! Also thank you to Calvin for al of your help and swapping our injectors!

K20a2 vs. K24/a2 Frankenstein Civic
K20a2 in a gutted Civic hatch vs. K24/a2 head in a full weight coupe. Camera occupant is 160lbs. Base map for the hatch.