Wijnsma 143 V8 Streamline

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Scania R143-500 Topline / Streamline
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Pete 359 Classic Takeoff
THIS IS IN CANADA just so y'all know. My brother's 1987 Peterbilt 359 Classic workin' in the bush near vassar, mb. sweet smoke! wish mine could do that. It has a 3406B block Cat 425. Oh and a big thanks to you tuber tod3k for giving us the new name for this truck..... "Old Smokey Jerk!" Cheers!

Sideåpning Scania R620
Det var etterlyst en video som viser hvordan sidene åpnes på denne bilen, vel her er den. Picture: Here, at this picture both sides are opened, and some center-stakes is used with loads like the ones in this picture to keep the load steady and safe. http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t262/sickpuppy77/lastebil/Svart20-003.jp g

Scania 164 R580 & Cat 365 excavator
West Of Scotland Heavy Haulage and Cat 365 Excavator