Genesis Coupe Meet Northeast 11/20/2010

One car missing?

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North Texas Genesis Coupe Meet February 12, 2012
The after cruise from a Genesis Coupe meet in Arlington, TX I do not own this song so no copyright intended

Sarona Hyundai Genesis Body kit
Clarification guys. This footage was taken a few years ago before the Genesis hit the market. We received wrong information about what the Genesis came with. So understand. Thanks We love the Genesis. Sarona designs a body that makes this car look much more sexier yet still conservative. Lux Designs finishes it off with a set of rims, interior work and awesome paint job.

2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 R-Spec Start Up, Exhaust, In Depth Tour, and Short Drive
In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 R-Spec. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showing details, over viewing of features, and noting unique styling cues to the vehicle itself. I also show the engine and the details of it, start it up and see how it sounds under acceleration, along with a short driving clip. A thorough tour/review of this car designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle.

SFGCC- South Florida Genesis Coupe Club BBQ
Gen Family BBQ. Enjoying the sun, beer, and our coupes :) Audio: Amplive - Video Tapez I take no rights to this audio.