MY 3 Rotor Dyno & Tune

Thanks to FNR Racing in Burnsville, MN (952)224-0909 First session at the Dyno 20B 3-Rotor Studded, Large street port Balanced by CLR in Miami FL Assembled by me Tuned by me Innovative GT80R turbo Running E85 25psi falling off to 23psi above 7k 810rwhp at 7700, 630 rwtq at 5700 SAE corrected.

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3 Rotor Rx8 with GT47
3 Rotor Rx8

20B 3 Rotor Turbo FD RX7 with an amazing 761hp at 24 PSI of BOOST!!
FD RX7 owned by paul, customer of mazfix racing stole the show with outright winner at mazfix Dyno day 2010, paul's stunning looking street rx7 come out with figures of 761.1hp @24psi of Boost which as you can tell watching the video sounds tuff. As time has come along paul is now running on pump fuel not C-16 and has a figure of 707hp. Thanks guys for watching and like always stay posted we always have more coming.

mazda 3-rotor 3-turbos dyno tuned

RX 7 20B 3 Rotor GT42R Dyno Test
3 Rotor RX-7 Power