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Direct German army U1300L ambulance with FAST AXLES! Top class condition all round. Drives very well. Ideal for conversion to camper or workshop. Body is 3.25m long, 2.2m wide and 1.8m high in centre. We can add turbocharge and Intercooler to this vehicle up to 200hp+. Shipping arranged worldwide!


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UNIMOG 1300 L walk around + engine sounds !!
on this highway parking lot i saw this freshly repainted ex army truck , now in UN or NATO white , the engine runnig very smoothly , no Exhaust fumes , just a real Unimog !!

Building the Back on the Unimog
Building the back on the Unimog from Monopan with aluminium extrusions

Mercedes Unimog + Land Rover in den Dünen
Reise mit Unimogs und Land Rover durch die Dünen Tunesiens- Mehr über uns und unseren UNIMOG: www UBELIX de

Unimog U1300L 142433
Short look, listen and pictures/video of Unimog 1300 truck #142433


www.unimogs.co.uk - ATKINSON VOS - MERCEDES BENZ UNIMOG - U2150 - B0202
Very clean U2150 (210hp) 3.8m wheelbase Unimog from 1999. Many extras including supercrawler gears, 4 spool valves, fast PTO for crane etc, central tyre inflation, air conditioning plus electric passenger window and mirrors! Almost perfect condition with only minor blemishes to rear body and cab. Cab is rust free. Workshop body is demountable with 4 jacklegs and sides and tailgate can be fitted to flat deck. A very rare opportunity to buy such a vehicle - don't miss out!

Mercedes Benz UNIMOG U500 Expedition Vehicle by UNICAT / 4x4 off road camper truck
Amerigo Unimog — Based on the world renowned Mercedes-Benz high-tech off-road chassis, this vehicle will take you virtually anywhere in the world (and bring you back) safely and reliably. http://www.unicat.net Amerigo Unimog Chassis Unimog U500 4x4 Regular cab Wheel base 154" ( 3900 mm ) MB 906 diesel engine, 260 hp ( 191 kW ) MB 8-speed Telligent gearbox Additional gearbox with working gear range Permanent full-time 4-wheel drive Differential locks for front and rear axle Mercedes-Benz hub reduction portal axle High articulating coil spring suspension Dual circuit disc brakes on all four wheels Anti-lock brakes 395/85 R 20 Michelin XZL tires Central tire inflation system Fuel tank capacity 60 gallons ( 227 litres ) Fuel prefilter with water separator Car stereo system Air conditioner Body Unit Frame assembly 3-point kinematic attachment with main and flex mount for stress-free body coupling to the torsion elastic chassis frame

Mercedes Benz Special Trucks UNIMOG Plant in Woerth
ABONNIEREN: http://bit.ly/AutoMotoTVDeutsch Mercedes Benz Special Trucks UNIMOG Plant in Woerth. Google+: http://bit.ly/AutoMotoTVDEGooglePlus AutoMotoTV English: http://bit.ly/AutoMotoTV

Verschränkung U1300L als Reisemobil
Ein zum Reisemobil ausgebauter ex. Sanitäter in einer Verschränkungspassage beim UCG Jahrestreffen 2009 in Zellhausen

UNIMOG - Camping Car - Motor Home - Raid - 4x4 - Maroc - Cirque de Jaffar
Ce superbe camping car 4x4 Motor Home Unimog est à vendre : http://www.parquatrechemins.com/p/unimog.html Le véhicule se trouve en Belgique.

How To Drive A UniMog
MogWild takes me for a spin in his Feuerwehr-issue UniMog. Sixteen forward gears makes for a bit of coordination

All new Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 2012 Production
All new Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 2012 Production

Bundeswehr Hammelburg Geländeeinweisung mit Unimog 2to gl
Geläandeeinweisung mit einem Unimog 2to gl auf der Geländestrecke des Trüppenübungsplatzes der Infanterieschule Hammelburg.

MAN / UNIMOG / VOLVO - UNICAT ® Expedition Vehicle Off Road Camper - Expeditionsmobil
Offroad Expeditiontrucks by UNICAT/Germany Heavy Offroad conditions http://www.unicat.net UNICAT provides the highest comfort levels of an RV with the go anywhere ability of off-road vehicles, with the highest standards of reliability, safety and comfort. Roads optional. It is the ultimate rescue, escape or survival module. For pleasure or for much more serious purposes, there is no better-suited vehicle than UNICAT.

Full agric spec round cab Unimog. In sound condition all round. Drives well with very powerful engine and good brakes. Checked over in our workshop and ready for work or play! Fitted with three way tipping rear body, rear PTO and three point linkage. Cab is excellent for age and has now been completely repaired. Now back from paint shop in gorgeous green.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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