On my way to college

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After Church Sliding
Drifting in my church clothes lol. Here's a new angle for you guys! Instagram: vseredich Shirts: http://www.cnotionsclothing.com/#!valera/c22p2

SMASH THAT LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!!! Wanna Insta, Tweet and Snap us? @SouthernHooning In this video i drift my ka24det 240sx s13 hatch which makes roughly 350hp while hurricane irma is going on in the South Carolina area, during this i crash but then go back and send it and get some good sliding action ka24det 12psi garret gt3076r tial Q Bov wiseco pistons 9:1 90mm manley rods acl alumiglide bearings arp main and head studs filmed with: gopro hero 3+ silver gopro hero 4 sony a6300 Music: Alot of the songs i use may be found on Animevibes youtube channel link below: https://www.youtube.com/user/Animevibe2014 outro song: perfecto - ayo & disfnk

Supercharged V8 240sx on ramp fun....
Engine Vortech supercharged VH45DE out of a 1995 infinity q45 with a 300zx twin turbo 5 speed and competition clutch twin plate for cool rev matching. This is what its like to drive this car while its not sideways.. just a 3 thru 5th pull and shut down.....I know I'm an asshat for doing it on the street.

Blew my new SR....
:( Before my motor died I had a trans leak. Fixed that. Then oil started leaking out the oil drain hose. Fixed that all happy, started the car up and it started misfiring and puffing blue smoke. Checked the compression it was 50 psi................ Anyone want to donate some money? lol