NASA Watkins Glen Super Unlimited race LS3 Rx7

Started off with a HORRIBLE qualifying position and managed to pick up one spot on the start and then the car had a small oil fire that ended my race early.

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2015-08-02 NASA Western States National Championship - Laguna Seca - ST3 Race

My LS3RX7 race car
check it

Porsche Flip at Watkins Glen - NASA October 2008
Porsche loses it in the bus-stop at Watkins Glen, and slides into the gravel sideways, catches an edge, and rolls a few times. The driver was ok and walked away with no injuries. Incident happens around second 58 or so. Look for dust on the right.

RX7 LS3 vs GTR
GTR FELL AT SLEEP LOL GTR FULL BOLT ONS 505 WHP VS LS3 RX7 Bolt ons RX7 Takes the win...