NASA Watkins Glen Super Unlimited race LS3 Rx7

Started off with a HORRIBLE qualifying position and managed to pick up one spot on the start and then the car had a small oil fire that ended my race early.

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My LS3RX7 race car
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Porsche Flip at Watkins Glen - NASA October 2008
Porsche loses it in the bus-stop at Watkins Glen, and slides into the gravel sideways, catches an edge, and rolls a few times. The driver was ok and walked away with no injuries. Incident happens around second 58 or so. Look for dust on the right.

March 17 2013 NASA SU Race Sonoma Raceway Life's Good Racing! TA2 Camaro
See Dave Brown driving the Team Life's Good Racing! 2012 TA2 Camaro in NASA's Super Unlimited Class Sunday, March 17 at the historic Sonoma Raceway (formerly Infineon and Sears Point) where he competes with THE fastest cars on track. He grids 4th and reaches first in class before an Exhaust issue results in an early retirement. This is our first weekend of Super Unlimited competition with great results. Weekend lap times reach into the 1:43s. Much of this performance is attributed--as you will see--the tremendous braking courtesy of HAWK Performance brake pads, and the great launches powered by our Competition Clutch.

Damian RX 7 2007 NASA Nationals HD