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NASA Watkins Glen Super Unlimited race LS3 Rx7

Started off with a HORRIBLE qualifying position and managed to pick up one spot on the start and then the car had a small oil fire that ended my race early.


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Porsche Flip at Watkins Glen - NASA October 2008
Porsche loses it in the bus-stop at Watkins Glen, and slides into the gravel sideways, catches an edge, and rolls a few times. The driver was ok and walked away with no injuries. Incident happens around second 58 or so. Look for dust on the right.

Lime Rock NASA qualifying in an Evolution VIII race car
57.6 lap at lime rock park. Qualifying for the NASA ST sprint race. www.hotlapmotorsports.com

Ass out action
LS3 + Rx7 = oversteer on demand.

1:25 lap @ NJ motorsports park thunderbolt
Testing for an upcoming NASA super unlimited race. Car Specs: 93 LS3 Rx7 2,700lbs 460 whp

NASA Watkins Glen Race
2010 Thunder at the Glen NASA Race. This is from the McBEN MOTORSPORTS ST2 Corvette driven by Rookie Driver Pete McIntosh II.

RX7 LS3 vs GTR
GTR FELL AT SLEEP LOL GTR FULL BOLT ONS 505 WHP VS LS3 RX7 Bolt ons RX7 Takes the win...

FR UNLIMITED - Record breaking time of 1:48.597 by Jack Mardikian from TWINS turbo / FAST TRACK MOTORCARS @ ButtonWillow Raceway. Super Lap Battle 2007 FR Unlimited Champion. 1:48.597 REAR WHEEL DRIVE RECORD TIME!!!!

10 BRUTAL Drag Racing CRASHES - And They Walked Away
- All Drivers Were OK! - 10 Nasty crashes from various Drag Strips across the US.

LS3 Rx7... Quick drive and video
A friend of mine was nice enough to take his LS3 FD Rx7 for a spin. The video is pretty "off cuff", but I wanted to record the experience. Nothing fancy, just a few observations and getting a feel for his Spirit R seats. Thanks :)

Jack Mardikian - Willow Springs Raceway - 2000 Honda Civic
Jack Mardikian wins Super Unlimited race with a 2000 Honda Civic Coupe H1 car. Willow Springs Raceway 02/09/2008. K20 Motor, Toyo RA1 Tires.

How to get started with NASA (National Auto Sport Association) Part 3
This video shows you just how easy it is to get started with NASA. You've moved up through the HPDE ranks and are ready to race, we show you how easy it is get into racing. NASA has 11 regions all over the country and chances are that an event is taking place near you very soon. Visit www.drivenasa.com for more information.

10 Wheelstands with absolutely BRUTAL landings. Which do you think did the most damage?

Mazda RX7 w/LS3 V8 Destroys Protege at Thunderbolt
I was passed by this RX7 with an LS3 putting down 463whp at Thunderbolt Raceway last week. I don't think I've ever been passed this hard.

Formula Vee racing at Watkins Glen, July 2009
Formula Vee racing in a mixed open-wheel classes event at Watkins Glen International during the Glen Region SCCA July Sprints, 2009. In-car camera mounted on the No. 8 Lynx/B FV driven to 5th place finish by Harry White of Colebrook, CT in his rookie season.

NASA Rocky Mountain HPR Super Unlimited/Thunder Race 2 10/26/13
On board with Collin Rinehart in the #20 Super Unlimited/ARRS late model at High Plains Raceway running the North Course.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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john stanovich, Engine: 360 sbc, Tires: hoosier 33x12x15 rear, 17x2.25 front

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Larry Hunter, Engine: 383 Chrysler, Tires: 13

1968 Dragster Front Engine : 9.590 @ 140.000
Samuel Scott IV, Engine: Chevy 350, Supercharger: N/A Tires: Hoosier


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