The Turbo Integra Review-A Honda Done Right

The Honda-AKA the instant ricer, or is it? This is Chris Miller's Integra, and I have to say it's the best Honda I've ever driven yet. Why do you ask? The combination of everything-balance and anti-lag. This Integra is no joke, and thank you for watching! Social stuff and store below! My Social Stuff! Instagram/Twitter-Thatdudeinblue Like the Facebook!- T-Shirts!- Twitch!- Song used-Varien & SirensCeol - Moonlight (feat. Aloma Steele) [Monstercat Release] Listen on SoundCloud: Listen on Spotify: ▼ Follow Monstercat YouTube: Spotify: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud: Google+: ▼ Follow Varien: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: ▼ Follow SirensCeol Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: Youtube: ▼ Follow Aloma Steele Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: Youtube:

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K24 Swap Acura Integra Review - RHD Kev's 9000 RPM GLORY
Subscribe to my channel!- For this video, we collaborate with 4Bangersproduction and RHD Kev to go on a crazy drive in this all motor K series Honda or Acura Integra. With a K24 bottom end and a K20 head that's fully built- this review has us accelerate up until 9000 RPM. The acceleration of this light car is pretty nuts and is a fine opponent to a turbo Honda. Some people build JDM cars like the 350z,240sx,evo, and others- but some build incredible Honda's. Thanks for watching! Driven to Cure Charity- 4bangersproduction- Throtl 20% off promo code:BLUE- Follow me on wheelwell for QNA questions! Key Tags- New t-shirts are out as well! MOAR BELOW. New shirts!- Snapchat!- DJP4 Twitter- @thatdudeinblue Facebook- New decals!- Rovos Wheels- Stay awesome. Drift into blue squad and subscribe! Song used- Copyright Free Dubstep - Pretty Bye Bye (Bassthunder Remix)

Boostin' in Heels! Female Driven Turbo RSX Review!
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600HP Integra? HONDA Interrupts 2JZ time!!
Whatup dudes!! Consistent this month on video #3. Don't count on it tho.. Lmao This video would have contained the 2J talk and build info on my car, but my cousin wanted to swing over and show me the progress from the last video. He's gotten it fully tuned on e85 since, and picked up a hood and some mirrors to finish the car off. A few tiny things, but here is his 577hp Integra.. Idk whether to say Honda or Acura. lmao His build: 97 Integra 577hp/438tq.TUNED and BUILT by REDZONE RACE JDM front Full custom Metallic Orange paint job Gutted interior LS Vtec Built Motor RS Machined sleeves Skunk2 Alpha rods Supertech pistons Supertech 85lb springs/retainers Skunk2 Pro1 cams Edlebroch Victor X Intake RyWire custom harness Mishimoto SheepyBuilt parts through BW s360 E85 Hondata Coil on plug retrofit APR carbon mirrors Seibon Carbon hood Recaros X Brace Much much more!! His build thread: -goal-3231901/ Thanks for 10k subs!! Next video will have a little something y'all been asking for!!

400Hp Turbo Integra TypeR
local Dyno session... like/share/subscribe CREDIT: 0:12-0:25 - Tha Signtist racing built k20 k24 b series k iamtaiboogie streetracing races racing drag racing dragrace dragracing street race track ¼ slicks skinnies strip highway cops police music burnout out turbo all motor Nitrous 4bangersproduction Yosolo 4 cylinder Honda civic bubble hatch eg ek blow certified jerrybuilt hi Boost aki ceaze run money run 4bangersproduction building motors blow up fire Nitrous 45 top of nyc long island california team GPR real talk calico chris miller sheepey CMR film medina felix gato blue print rods blueprint ktuned k tuned K cars on highway Pulls powershift power shift si blue teal diffusor jordan hoodie mph 120+ hon7 3 5 9 11 fox5 evo mitsubishi spool evolution mr8 mr9 mr2 toyota spider hondaday honda day import survival west coast meets the east fox ss gtr godzilla newspaper news channel r32 r33 r34 r35 r36 skyline g37s comic comedian cedric entertainer harvey west spec m80 m90 fox deers water jesus jeremy prayoonto tuning bless funny prank hondalife notch dudnotch dud sting mr8 mr9 mitsubishi talent talon radial truck ceaze gone wrong fail bloopers accidents injury lawyer accord lexus ifs vtec jdm swag popping haircut bum fights slash exotic drag racer racing races pulls pull freeway highway 420 365 blunt weed hashtag hash feign friends family friendship chevy s10 s13 s14 miata bmw ek ef bette old school dragster canibeat hellaflush japan hawaii wekfest