208.1mph VW GTI Turbo at Texas Mile

March 2010 - Jeremy Freedman makes history and goes 208.1mph in his Mk3 VW GTI. The car is estimated over 800whp and was built with the help of Dubsquared and T1 Race Development. See the full feature in the June '10 issue of eurotuner Magazine.

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Nathan Simmons 620hp BMW M3 supercharged
Featured in the January 2011 issue of eurotuner magazine, check out Nathan Simmons 2008 BMW M3 four-door. It's been modified with a 620hp VF-Engineering Supercharger, six-piston Brembo brakes, 19" 360Forged wheels, Vorsteiner carbon fiber bodywork and was painted in a matte Estoril blue paint. For the full story, check out www.eurotuner.com or see the January 2011 issue of eurotuner magazine

Formula Drift 2005 BMW M3: Michael Essa Interview
Could this GSR Autosport E46 be the ultimate drift machine in the Formula Drift series? We get up close with Michael Essa and his 2005 BMW M3, and examine what it takes to be competitive in the sport.

Drifting BMW 325i drift car - Formula D competitor
Here is a behind the scenes video of eurotuner Magazine's photoshoot of Dave Blunt's BMW 325i turbo drift car. Dave is a competitor in the '10 Formula D series. The '89 325i features a custom turbo build and DTMFiberWerkz widebody kit. For the full feature, check out the June '10 issue of eurotuner.

eurotuner magazine Kreuzerfest to Waterfest 16
eurotuner Magazine brings you coverage of Kreuzerfest 2010 with Volkswagen to Waterfest 16 in Englishtown, New Jersey. The annual event kicked off from VW's Virginia HQ and ended with a few laps of the road course at Englishtown Raceway. Also check out the VW body kit for the new Mk6 Jetta. For full event coverage, see the October 2010 issue of eurotuner magazine and eurotuner.com