1967 Ford XR Fairmont / Falcon / GT / Australia.

1967 Ford XR Fairmont, full restoration

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Survivor Muscle Car : The XR GT Falcon.
In less than 6 months, the golden era of Australian motoring, the “Muscle Car Wars” of 1967 – 1977 will be 50 years old. Quite the milestone for Australian motorsport and car guys in general. The XR GT was certainly the first time any of the “Big Three” pulled out a whacking stick and moved the bar much higher, in one fell swoop; The Cortina GT’s and X2 Holden’s prior to that point, were a good thing, but just subtle improvements. The GT Falcon was a car from the future and in 1967, the future was NOW. With its new, modern shape and proven chassis, the XR Falcon was a massive leap forward from the “Jet Age” styling of the XK – XP series Falcons that preceded it. FOMOCO, under the expert guidance of Harry Firth, cherry picked the best and most suitable parts from Dearborn, to create a Grand Tourer that would re-write the history books both on and off the race track. With styling that is still relatively austere, compared to the cars that were created post 1967 and certainly compared to what FOMOCO, GMC and Mopar were doing in the USA, the XR GT Falcon is a class act. Easy on the eye and with subtle styling cues that let you know she is packing a sweet 289 Windsor to get her moving and disc brakes to safely slow her. Bucket seats, in trendy faux leather and a motorsport inspired cockpit all add up to the perfect 1960’s GT experience. Like a lot of iconic cars, you could put up a great argument that the 1st GT Falcon really was the ultimate “Grand Tourer”. This particular example has been in the Bowden Collection for around 17 years. At the time, the Bowden’s has been searching for a long period for the best, original and un-restored example in Australia. This car did and still does fit the description perfectly. In the period of ownership, we have only ever seen one example of an un-restored XRGT that could rival it. With only 4 owners from new, the car was sold originally in 1968, with the 1st owner only having her very briefly. The 2nd owner, who also bought her in 1968, was a champion! He was fastidious in how he kept the car and perhaps had an engineering, aviation, or military background, as he kept a log on the car with everything of note recorded. It makes for a fascinating read, especially as the car is so original, you can see what is documented, still on the car! If only every GT Falcon was kept in such order. He sold the car in the mid 1990’s to a family friend, who is also very fastidious and we leapt at the chance to buy her in the late 1990’s. For nigh on 50 years old, the XR GT presented for sale here, is as entirely original as could be expected and in excellent order. Next year is her 50th birthday celebrations and she deserves a new home, where an owner will proudly spend 2017 showing her off. We love her, but know she will spend 2017 sitting in the shed, as she now does, far too often. The car will not be sold to just anyone, only to someone who understand history and what a rarity a car like this is. It is an Australian motoring heirloom and deserves to be treated accordingly. The XR GT sold in a few days after this video came out... But do check our Ecurie Bowden's website for many other great cars. http://www.ecuriebowden.com.au

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XR Fairmont GT Falcon Baltons That Parts Bloke 1967 1968 V8 Windsor For Sale. Hidden relic rescued from from a farm shed www.baltons.com www.thatpartsbloke.com for sale on ebay XT XW XY

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