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Rc Truck (Legedag 03-09-2011 sær)
Legedag 03-09-2011 I Durup Særtransport

Tonka Construction (Part 1)
This walkthrough has been redone into much better quality and only one part, as well as covering more. See the redone version here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87xyRVHvSmw Any illegal download requests and/or links will be an automatic block, no questions asked. I own the original CD and have zero tolerance for such comments. Here's Tonka Construction, probably my favorite non-Humongous Entertainment game growing up. This video shows the intro, signing in, and the Tonka Garage. I think I'm also the first to show this whole game. There was one other video but it showed you almost nothing about the game. I will also go on record by saying this - THIS GAME IS SOMEWHAT GLITCHY ON A MODERN PC. I'm warning you ahead of time. This video already shows you quite a bit. I'll list them here: While the cursor problem is obvious, it's actually HyperCam's fault. In the garage, when painting, even if you have a different color selected, it stills looks like you have yellow selected. It still comes off as the right color though. There's a "shining" glitch that bothers me the most. For some reason HyperCam didn't record it well though. I'll try to explain this the best I can - Whenever there's an arrow or waterfall that animates (like the ones in the Quarry and the City that follow the road to call vehicles in), anything in the background that's the same color flashes along with it. In most places this isn't a big problem, but in the snow, since there's a white waterfall, all of the snow flashes too. It's very annoying, I know, but HyperCam didn't pick it up very well. It's a lot worse in the actual game. When the characters are explaining what to do, only the first page is shown. I don't know what that's about. In the Quarry, when you dump the different colored rocks into the crusher, it doesn't change color.

Model Trains Running With Automatic Control
My model trains running with automatic control. I'm using wireless transmitters to send the status of occupied tracks to a receiver which feeds the data into the S88 bus. See my blog for details: http://daniel-spilker.com/blog/