RC// lowbed load Recker 1

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Rc model truck - Faszination modellbau Karlsruhe
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Sistema de Abertura das Portas das Miniaturas Matos
Saiba como funciona o sistema de Abertura das portas de nossas miniaturas. Compre nossos produtos em: https://miniaturasmatos.wordpress.com/

Pfingstfahren Aalen 2012 Teil1
http://www.minitruck-oehringen.de Zu Gast bei der ig-truckmodellbau-ostalb. Es war ein sehr schöner Parcours aufgebaut. Danke für die schöne Veranstaltung.

R/C Garbage Truck Packing!
The Norba RL35 model performing three compaction cycles, then driving away. Havn't made any big progress since my last videos. The main difference is that some of the lights are working. Left to build is the container hoist system, and new side panels for the container. Hopefully that will be finished within a few months,, hopefully! ;-) Most of my components were bought at: www.fechtner-modellbau.de They have a lot of good stuff! -Cab, chassis, wheels, tyres, suspension, front axle- Wedico, www.wedico.de Alternative Cabs: Bruder Arocs: www.bruder.de Scale-art MAN TGS or Arocs: www.scaleart.de -Drive Unit- Motor: Servonaut GM32U450: www.servonaut.de Cardan shafts: Fechtner modellbau. Rear Axles: http://www.ruest-feinmechanik.de (Out of business?) -Hydraulics- Pump, cylinders, valves, filters, hoses, connections: www.leimbach-modellbau.de/ I run my system at 15bar. Ø7mm cylinders for tailgate lift, all other cylinders Ø12mm. Pump article nr. H0102. -Electronics- Transmitter: Futaba FC-16 Boat 'n' Truck (Not available anymore) 2.4GHz conversion: FrSky: https://hobbyking.com/ Reciever: Frsky 8 channel: https://hobbyking.com/ Speed controller: Servonaut S22: www.servonaut.de Winch speed controller: CTI Thor4s: www.cti-modellbau.de Pump Switch: Futaba, but I would recommend using a single direction speed controller instead. Winch Motor: PGM12L, Fechtner modellbau. -Bodywork- Container Floor, Sides and Roof: 3mm aluminium plate (watercut) and various aluminium U- and L-beams. Machined and/or cut manually. Container crossbeams: Aluminium beams 6x10mm and 6x20mm. Ejector Plate: 1mm steel plate (laser cut), and 6x10mm aluminium crossbeams. Tailgate Sides: 1mm steel plate (laser cut), and 5mm aluminium plates (water cut and machined). Tailgate Crossbeams: Various sizes of aluminium beams, machined. Packer Plate: 12, 5 and 3mm aluminium plates. (Water cut and machined) Slide Plate: 3mm aluminium plate (watercut) and 10mm aluminium plate (watercut and machined). For additional info; just ask.